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Banana Coconut Blast, Summer Sorbet & Paradise Pear – Shorties Candles

Shorties Candles

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Shorties Candles

Type: Hex & Apothecary Jars

Fragrances: Banana Coconut Blast, Summer Sorbet & Paradise Pear

Cost: $13.95 for a 16oz jar, $10.95 for a 10oz hex jar

Scent Strength: Medium throw


Introduction to my review of Shorties Candles:

This is my second review of Shorties Candles. I’ve been purchasing from this company for a few years but this is the first time I was approached by them to do an “official” review at their request.I like this company… I’ve found their candles to be consistent, strong and I love their prices and free shipping if you purchase over a certain amount. The bait of “free shipping” always attracts me and I think it’s a great marketing move… who doesn’t like free shipping? I always end up trying products from unknown sites when free shipping is offered and I tend to spend a lot more as well. Even flat rate shipping appeals to me. Every little bit helps.Shorties Candles have a few jar sizes to choose from and I just found out they finally added clamshell melts to their line, YES!! I know that’s music to many tart loving ears and I’m sure will draw a lot more interest with so many melt lovers out there. They also plan on adding votives, pillars and tealights as well. Offer a variety and “we” (as in wax addicts) will come.

Shorties have well over 100 scents to choose from which is a pretty decent scent list. I was sent three candles to review… Banana Coconut Blast, Summer Sorbet and Paradise Pear.



Shorties Candles ReviewWhat did my candles from Shorties Candles Look Like?

Banana Coconut Blast was white, single wicked and a hex jar with a flat metal lid. Summer Sorbet & Paradise Pear were 16oz apothecary jars with flat glass lids. Summer Sorbet was a light pink color, Paradise Pear white. Both candles had one wick.



How did my Shorties Candles smell?

Banana Coconut Blast

I’m going to start off with the scent description:

Banana Coconut Blast Candle Review“Take a refreshing plunge into a creamy banana and rich coconut filled paradise with our Banana Coconut Blast Scented Candles. A great blend of fresh bananas and sweet coconut, and also very fragrant! Try one now.”

Banana Coconut Blast Scented Candle ReviewI was sent a 10oz hex jar in this scent but just looking at the candle… it didn’t look that big. Keeping the size candle in mind, I decided to burn this one in a bathroom and it was the right call… it burned perfect there.

Just to clarify, Shorties rates their scents by what they call a “Scentometer” which
is a scale from 1 to 5. They rated this one a four. Burning this candle, it was really hard to gauge the strength because the candle was small. But burning it in a small room… the scent throw was decent.



What did this candle smell like burning?

The scent is VERY sweet and I thought not a typical banana or coconut scent. Normally, banana scents are strong but for some reason, this one wasn’t and what’s weird is the coconut didn’t really stand out either. I could smell both but one did not overpower the other. What I did smell was lots and lots of sugar… it was very sweet and different – different in a good way. I ended up really enjoying this candle.


Summer Sorbet
Summer Sorbet Scented Candle Review

Scent description:

“Take a trip back to your childhood with the smell of sweet Raspberry Sorbet, fresh peaches, strawberries, watermelon and kiwi”Summer Sorbet Scented Candle Review

I’ve been wanting to try this scent for ages but never got around to buying it. So, when asked to sample their candles again, picking this one was an easy choice for me. Summer Sorbet… how can you not like that name considering sorbet means “sherbet” or mixture of fruit? Yum!! I was sent a 16oz jar and also took note that this scent was rated a 4 on their “scentometer”. So, it’s considered a medium+ fragrance.

Cold sniff… it smelled really good. Fruity, sweet and summery!! My favorite type of scent. I couldn’t wait to light this candle.

I lit the candle in a large bedroom where it held it’s own quite well. Could I detect all the fruity scents in the description? Every time I went back into the room to smell the air, I was puzzled… the scent seemed familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint what I was smelling at first. The description told me all the fruit that made up this scent but I couldn’t really distinguish anything specific except for one… Peach!! Mmmmm!! This scent was dominated by peaches.

Summer Sorbet was a nice fruity scent… heavy on the peach of course. 🙂



Paradise Pear

This was by far my favorite of the three scents I tried and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Here’s the scent description:

Paradise Pear“This outstanding new fragrance of Fresh, Juicy Sweet Pears with a hint of Royal apple will make your mouth water! As sweet and strong as you want it to be, and a perfect summer treat. If you like juicy sweet pears, you will love this fragrance. Try one now.”

Oh my gosh did I loved this scent!! I’ve been burning this Paradise Pear Scented Candle Reviewcandle for three days straight and only just now read the description. I had no idea apple was part of the mix and after reading that, I realized I totally could smell a hint of apple. Now it makes sense because this fragrance (to me) was not a true pear scent. I kept wondering how to describe it and now I get why I was having a problem. When you smell it, you smell pear and lots of sweetness with a hint of apple. It’s yummy!! I highly recommend it!

This scent is rated a 4.5 on their “scentometer”, the strongest being 5 and I totally concur with that… this is a strong scent and a room filler. It’s not over-powering at all but perfect. You walk in the room and you’re senses are engulfed with this sweet summer scent. Pear lovers… buy it… you’ll like it. I’m definitely ordering this one again next time I order from this company.



Scented Candle ReviewHow did My Candles from Shorties Burn?

My candle burned great. No soot or leftover wax.



Overall opinion of my Candles from Shorties Candles:

I like Shorties Candles and have been happy with most of the candles I’ve tried from them. I love their incentive program, love their prices and love the free shipping. So there you go… three “loves” in one sentence is a pretty decent endorsement.To explain the incentive program better… Shorties calls this “Candle Bucks” which means they put a percentage of everything you buy (5%) into your account (which you must create) and then you can use that amount towards future purchases. Pretty cool and a feature I’ve used quite a few times myself.

Shorties Candle ReviewThe only negative I can think of is I haven’t tried their bakery scents yet. I wouldn’t really consider that a negative… it just means I can’t vouch for any to recommend. Their fruity scents on the other hand are great and I have nothing but praise. I really think you can’t go wrong with anything you try from this company.

Happy candle burning!

~ Christina

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