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Shining The Light On: Collectively Joy

Collectively Joy brings us complete joy with unique, complex fragrances & long-lasting burns.

Shining The Light On Collectively Joy Review

Collectively Joy is a lifestyle brand and blog, birthed by the beautifully creative April Joy. April Joy describes herself as a digital influencer, candle designer, and culinary lifestylist. She seeks to empower and enrich the lives of modern women through health and wellness, beauty, and, of course, fragrance. Her luxurious candle line is created with a unique blend of apricot, coconut, and soy blended wax, with fragrances that speak to the beauty of life. It’s no secret we have an obsession with luxury candles. Our Collectively Joy review takes a deep dive into the brand and the products.

A Closer Look at Collectively Joy

There are many facets to the woman behind the face of Collectively Joy. Ms. Joy owns a private boutique catering company, Taste of Joy, that serves a wide variety of clientele. Her self-betterment blog, Collectively Joy, was born out of her desire to help mentor, guide, and walk with today’s woman, who is often found giving more of herself while slighting some of her own health, desires, and needs. The luxury coconut blend candle line was launched in 2018, with April noting that “self care and love is an investment, not an expense.” In preparation of this Collectively Joy review, we sought out the words from the creator herself:

We believe in sustainability—without compromising quality and comfort. At Collectively Joy, all of our eco-conscious candles are developed with a coconut wax blend—minus the additives or dyes. Our luxury candles are hand-crafted and provide you with long-lasting scent.

April Joy, Collectively Joy
Shining The Light on Collectively Joy Candle Review

Products Offered

The Signature Collection of candles are boxed, 10-ounce glass jar candles with single wicks. They also carry gold travel tin candles which come in a handy travel bag. You are able to get a set of your choice of three scents in a beautiful boxed gift set, too. The gift set candles are 3-ounces each and perfect for sampling the collection.

Product Reviews

For our Collectively Joy review, we were sent a trio gift set that included the two Ignite candles and one Joyous candle; a travel tin candle in Already Home; and Plush from the Signature Collection.

Shining The Light on Collectively Joy Candle Review
Photo Credit: Collectively Joy

Already Home

Collectively Joy Already Home Candle

The travel tin candle we had was in the scent Already Home. The main scent notes here were Vanilla and Red Currant. The website describes this scent as:

Sweet floral rose, pure vanilla, brown sugar, warm sweet aroma, crisp berries in the summer, stress reliever, Sunday morning farmer’s market, fresh-cut flowers.

I used the travel tin in a small bathroom, keeping the door closed to get a good idea of the fragrance strength. I was truly amazed at how well this little travel tin put out scent! While I was expecting a more warm, spicy scent based on the scent name, I was met with a more bright, uplifting fragrance. It had a sweetness to it with some juicy berry notes. It was divine!


Our Plush candle from Collectively Joy was from their Signature Collection. It came in a detailed gift box all nestled inside. The main scent notes were listed as Cashmere, Cassis, and Amber. The full description on the website is:

Creamy vanilla, patchouli, sophisticated blend, sensual romantic amber, date night, sweet black cherries, roses, warmth, lavish, luxurious

Collectively Joy Plush Candle

This candle was…in a word…amazing! It was beautiful and complex. At times I thought I smelled some earthy, woodsy notes – at other times I thought I detected even a black licorice note. This scent was simply beautiful – a bit heavy and warm. The candle was a slow burner and was super clean, with fragrance lingering long after this candle was snuffed out. The scent was moderately strong and the throw was fantastic – I could smell it in a medium sized bedroom and on down the hall. This scent was definitely “plush” and was probably the favorite of all the Candlefind gang.


The Joyous candle was one of the candles in the trio gift set. It was small, but pretty mighty. As it was part of the set, I actually played with this one on its own and with the others (Ignite) in the set. It was fabulous either way – bright, zippy, and slightly sweet. Beautiful! The fragrance was fairly strong and I got a surprisingly good scent throw from this little gem. It certainly won’t fragrance a large, open space, but it was perfect in a small bedroom where I could definitely tell it was burning.

The scent description from the website reads: Summer mornings, citrusy, hot jasmine tea, fresh-squeezed lemon accents, refreshing, white lilies, zesty, fresh-cut flowers.

Collectively Joy Joyous Candle


Collectively Joy Ignite Candle

I had two Ignite candles in my trio gift set. It was a nice contrast to Joyous, so it made for a great mix. The scent description from the website is:

Smoky hints, crackling fireplace, masculine aroma, fresh garden basil, crisp & cool evenings, snuggly days at home, dried wood, sweet smoke.

This was a smooth, smoky scent that was warm and inviting. I wanted to cozy up to the fragrance the entire time it was lit. The scent throw was fantastic – even better than Joyous. The burn on all of these candles was very, very clean and super slow.

Overall Impression of Collectively Joy

5 Stars

We really can’t say enough good things about Collectively Joy. The candles are beautiful to look at and look so inviting while burning. You do get a feeling of a little bit of luxury wrapped up in a jar. The scents themselves are complex, intriguing, and unique. We loved the coconut wax blend, as it had a clean, even, and super slow burn. This is one luxury brand we can see becoming a staple in our home and one we wouldn’t hesitate to gift this holiday season.

Their candles can be purchased on their website.

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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