Saffron Ginger candle

Saffron Ginger scented candle review

Brand: Shorties Candles

Type: 10oz Jar

Fragrance: Saffron Ginger

Cost: $15.95

Scent Strength: Medium


What did my Saffron Ginger candle smell like?

Saffron Ginger was such an interesting fragrance and will be hard one to describe. Cold sniff… it smelled warm and inviting like a warm scent should but it wasn’t spicy or bakery so that confused me a little. Here is the scent description from Shorties’ website:

“Enjoy the delightfully earthy smell of top quality saffron mixed with the uniquely spicy sweet scent of freshly sliced ginger, with faint notes of orange zest and rosemary blended together on a base of tonka bean.”

Very interesting scent description. Smelling this candle cold, nothing seemed familiar to me which told me I really needed to brush up on my spices a bit more. I’ve also never burned a candle with saffron and ginger as the dominant scents so that could be why I was having such a hard time. But after I read the description and then smelled this candle again, I realize I *could* make out slight notes of orange zest… I would have never guessed that had I not read the description. And vanilla… yes, this scent had a creamy and smooth quality to it which had to be the vanilla… it added the perfect touch of sweetness. Other than those two, I was at a loss and honestly, I actually like it when that happens sometimes. It means I’m trying a scent more complex that I’m used to and my nose just can’t pick up on everything.

After burning this candle for a few days straight… I could not “for the life of me” figure out how to describe this fragrance for you and I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t. I found myself (quite often) going up to this candle to smell it deeper and it just plain baffled me. When that happens, I simply let it go and just enjoy the candle for what it was…. a unique fragrance… and it definitely was. It’s just one of those candles you’ll have to experience yourself to understand what I mean.

Scent strength, this candle gave a nice soft to medium throw. It wasn’t super strong but you definitely noticed the scent the moment you walked into the room.



 candle-flameHow did my Saffron Ginger candle burn? 

Perfect! This candle achieved a complete melt pool within an hour of lighting in and stayed consistent throughout. No wasted wax and very clean burning.



Closing to my review: 

This was a very enjoyable candle…  I only wish I could have described the scent better for you… but I couldn’t. I will say it was unique and definitely a scent to try if you want to experience something different.  unsure candle

That’s all I’ve got on this one folks… sorry.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

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Presentation: 4/5
Authenticity: 4/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

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