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  1. Melting K's candied lemon cookie bread
  2. Just started K's lemon coconut cookie bread
  3. Scentsationals caramel pumpkin seeds...really fab
  4. Winter stopped by..YC caramel pecan pie in a tea light warmer. That's the only way I can get scent from YC. Other melts are Better Homes warm pumpkin cookies and Better Homes candied citrus pumpkin.
  5. Just started Willa's golden opium. It's beautiful and 78 degrees today. Strangely we are having possible wintry mix on Sunday :wacko:
  6. Toffee maple bread from K's this morning. I saw that Janet Mazac's husband died.
  7. Midmorning melt Swan Creek spiced holiday mulberry
  8. Debra, the Poldark books have more storylines than the seasons. I highly recommend them.
  9. Janet is out of the hospital and has been working on orders. The site is still open. I just started Scentsationals love letters.
  10. Scentsationals pumpkin apple muffins is still going strong since yesterday, so I just added Macintosh from Haley's in a tea light melter.
  11. Recent melt Swan Creek triple ginger spice...amazing!
  12. I have been melting Haley's in light of her heartbreaking news. Yesterday it was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and I am about to start Granma's funnel cake.
  13. I am starting off this mild morning with K's lemon coconut cookie bread. I have not heard anything further about Janet. When I do I will post.
  14. This afternoon's melt is K's Kreations Hawaiian sandalwood. I saw on Facebook that Janet Mazac (Haley's) is in the hospital.
  15. Debra, Have you read the Poldark books? I have read six of them, and I am about halfway through watching the first season.
  16. I'm about to freeze. It's 62 degrees here this afternoon. I just started vanilla woods from Scentsationals.
  17. Recently melted K's Kreations Hanky Panky, and just started K's candied lemon cookie bread. It's been in the 80's here. We completely skipped winter.
  18. Currently melting blackberry jam sweet bread from Haley's. This one is not very strong. I've got to try some of these vendors ya'll are mentioning that are new to me.
  19. Happy President's Day! I just started Haley's lemon biscotti sweet bread. She may be having an anniversary sale today...not sure! I think i may have that date wrong.
  20. It was weak. I was disappointed. Today I am melting Scentsationals Apple pumpkin muffins. It's great!
  21. Overnight I melted Ten Digits midnight patchouli. This morning I just started K's Kreations apple jelly thumbprints.
  22. Afternoon melt...K's Kreations Island Holiday
  23. Better homes candied citrus pumpkin...amazing! Tara's candle cottage is having a sale today btw!
  24. Wilma's blackberry plum on a chilly morning.
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