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  1. Hi Maggie, DesertSonlight was my very first online custom candle vendor that I tried for this scent....it smelled really weird. Contacted the vendor but I'd have to pay shipping to return it which was cost prohibitive so got stuck with it. I've seen the Pacifica one online before but find it very expensive for not knowing what I'm gonna get and don't want to be stuck with more candles that smell like "orange fruit" instead of floral. I figure if I try wax melts from a vendor that makes candles I'll have better luck. I've managed to avoid being stuck with a couple more candles this way. Maybe if I can find a really good deal on the Pacifica it may be worth taking the gamble without knowing first. :)
  2. So I received my dupe of Jo Malone's Orange Blossom (vendor was Tuscaderos) and I'd have to say that yes it was a very nice and medium throw floral, but it was more of what I'd consider a honeysuckle scent than an authentic orange blossom floral. If I was looking for a good honeysuckle then that would be great but still looking for that pure authentic orange blossom. Now, that's assuming that the real Jo Malone orange blossom also smells like honeysuckle blooms. I know that sometimes when both are blooming they are a little similar but to my nose the orange blossom floral is sweeter. I miss the smell of orange blossoms in bloom and my neighbor's tangelo tree was wiped out by a storm several yrs ago....sad.
  3. I did not know that...did she have candles in Jo Malone burning everywhere? Those candles are kinda small, so she must have had a lot! I once looked into the Jo Malone version but it had other florals in it as well, so it was not a pure scent...more of the artist's impression of the orange blossom floral. I've got a dupe of the Jo Malone Orange Blossom coming in the mail to sample so I'll find out first had in a little while.
  4. Has anyone found an authentic orange blossom floral from a vendor yet? I'm still searching...
  5. Most pear scents are too light for me from the various vendors. However, I have recently found a good authentic pear that throws well from BBW and an interesting version of pear called Cactus Pear from Swan Creek that has an amazing throw for a soy candle.
  6. Ways to gain entries into the contest: * 20 Entries: Report a new candle company to add to the Candlefind Review Board WITH a review. To gain these entries, you must first post here in this thread the name of the new company you want added to the review board. Once we have uploaded it(usually the same day), you will need to post a review for that company on the review board. As long as you get your review in before the end of the contest, you will be credited your entries. You must do both things to gain these entries (suggest the company and post your review). After your review is posted, come back to this thread to let us know so we can be sure to give you credit. I am posting the new candle company "Astonishing Aromas" http://astonishingaroma.com/ I just posted a review on the Candlefind Review Board
  7. Does anyone know if Bath and BodyWorks aromatherapy massage oil ever goes on sale? Its currently $16 for 4 oz.
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