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  1. Mainstays- Wild Honeysuckle. It smells amazing like spring in here, my grandma had a honeysuckle tree growing right next to her porch and this candle reminds me of it, and of my grandma.
  2. Melting Scent Sationals Oatmeal Cookie. It smells amazing in here, and it has a nice bakery scent with almost a cinnamon mix to the cookies. Smells great with Fall being here.
  3. Morning all C: I have Lilac oil in a warmer and Scent Sationals - Honeysuckle nectar going in the tart warmer. Smells amazing in here!
  4. Melting an old candle on a warmer tonight its Holiday Time- Hot apple cider- very relaxing and a nice going to bed scent. Night all!
  5. Burning Holiday Time Pine, it takes a while for the scent to be noticeable but once it starts going it smells very nice. I'm just finishing off the last of my fall winter candles and it seems like fall is right around the corner again. I can already hear the cicadas
  6. Hello hello, since its raining here, my dog is freaking out because shes scared of rain, even with the window open it smelled a little 'wet doggy' in here, so I thought it was a perfect time to bust out Mainstays- Garden Rain I always have loved this scent, very fresh and clean.
  7. @ biolaeagles so many good thoughts and prayers sent your way and I hope everything goes well! Today I'm burning this candle that my mom got me for Christmas and its called Leather its from Elliott Essentials. It has a picture of a western saddle on it; and that's what it reminds me of, it really does smell like leather. The candle recommends that you burn it for 2 hour at a time, and tbh that's about as long as I can burn it for. I like the smell don't get me wrong but it is very strong, almost at times to strong, to the point that it might be overpowering. But it is cool to have a leather scented candle. I have other tarts from Elliott Essentials and I'm looking forward to melting them!
  8. I got this candle from Walmart; and the candle really resembles Bath and Body works, but its called Midnight Snow. Honestly; I have just fallen in love with this candle. It has a soft cologne scent. I don't normally stock up on walmart's candles but these are ones I'm going to stock up on. Its an amazing winter scent!
  9. aw thank you all for the welcome C:
  10. hehe, all the snow is currently melted but we're supposed to get more. I'll send it to you all as I'm not very fond of it. Tonight I'm melting Scent Sationals- Black Raspberry Vanilla- the cold smell is amazing but the actual throw isn't very strong. Its perfect for a small bathroom but anything more; it possibly wouldn't throw very much. Which is bumming me out, as the cold smell is just amazing.
  11. Melting Better Homes and Gardens- Wild Berry Cheesecake.It has an amazing cold smell and the throw back is amazing; almost a little to strong for a small room. But still, with the snow we have going, this scent just made my morning.
  12. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome C:
  13. Morning everyone! I have an old holiday time Cinnamon candle going. It's a little early for me. I always remember my mom burning this scented candle when we were putting the tree up. But it was just sitting there and I couldn't resist lighting it. Ahhh I can't believe Christmas/December is coming up so fast.
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