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  1. Morning, everyone! It's a beautiful sunny day here in Nashville. We are supposed to get some rain the next few days, so I'm taking in this weather while I can and take in all the beautiful flowers! I plan to go on a three mile walk with DS #3 in a bit. Unfortunately, DS # 2 got a huge staph infeciton on his chin, so he's home from school and is contagious for the next 24 hours- poor guy. Honeybear, congrats on the upcoming graduation- have fun this weekend! Candlelove, that SGA blend sounds delish! Today I'm melting ST Storybrooke and Sunny Bee Scents' Lemon Biscotti Blackberry Jam Sweet Bread.
  2. Good job on the thread title, Aria! Candlelove, hope it warms up for you! It has warmed up here in Nashville this week. Today I'm melting Pink Sugar Lavender Cactus Sea Salt made by a friend- delish! Also burning Eucalyptus Spearmint from Burt's Bee's. I've on the end of a bout of food poisoning, so I'm feeling tired today but on the mend.
  3. Happy Monday morning everyone! It's nice and a high of 78 here in Nashville! I plan to bring my littlest son out for a walk soon around a nearby lake. I'm seeing a lot of people melting Hayden Rowe. What's the scoop on this company? Also, Amy I saw you mentioned a company called Savannah Blue. How do you like their melts? Today I'm melting Barbershop 1920s Snow Fairy and Pink Sugar/Pink Berry Tonka Bean from CFOW and Candy Corn/Caramel Green Apple/Sugar Cookies from SGA. All are yum!
  4. Hi friends! Tonight I"m burning Pumpkin Butter from Woodwick. I love the scent, even if it's not fall time! Happy weekend! IT sounds like a lot of you are having fun Saturdays with the beach and garage sales going on!
  5. Hi everyone! I hadn't realized that the forum was back up! I happened to check today and was happy to see it was. Hope you all are doing well! Today I'm melting Turquoise Sky from YC.
  6. I haven't had a speeding ticket- woohoo! The person below me is ready for fall clothing.
  7. Morning, everyone! Coming back from a crazy couple of days- it's like our family can't get a break, lol! I guess we were due since we haven't had any illnesses in awhile. In the past two weeks we had tonsillitis, a stomach virus, an eye infection, head lice, and then on Sunday my five year accidentally swallowed two quarters and had to have an endoscopy performed at the hospital yesterday to remove it- oy vay! Today is also my DS3's first day of preschool. He is three and is only going twice a week. It was such mixed emotions of being really excited to have two days a week where I can workout and get errands done on my own, but also missing him and worried if he's having an okay day. Maggie and Debra, I should get a timed melter! Sounds perfect. Mpfand, glad you are safe from the storms! AmyJo, sounds like a fun road trip! Glad you're home safe! Candlelove, that SGA strawberry blend sounds divine. Today I'm melting Animal Crackers/ Vanilla Bean Noel from CFOW.
  8. I've never tried it before, but I like clams, so maybe I'd like that! The person below me like cotton candy.
  9. Hi friends, we are recovering from housing a seven person family in our house these past few days, hah! They are good friends and we had a great time, just need to recoup from all the kids (8). Debra, I hope your kitty feels better! AmyJo, I hope you got a good night's sleep! Maggie, sounds like such a nice day! Today I'm melting French Toast Egg Nog from SGA.
  10. Good morning, everyone! Things got crazier here with DH needing to go to the hospital to remove an abscess on his tonsils caused by strep throat. Ugh! Rough couple of weeks for us. I'm also hoping my ye clears up soon. Thank you all for the well wishes! Mpfand, how scary! I'm allergic to Pencillin, too. Today I'm melting SH's Goblin Sin-o-min Cake (spelling?).
  11. Good morning, everyone! I've been off for so long and missing you all! We were in CA for two weeks, then without a laptop (for me) for a week, and then the past two weeks we've dealt with viruses and I currently have an eye infection- ouch! I'm ready for things to slow down, lol. Anyone have fun vacation plans coming up? I'm melting LSC's Candy Cane Cookies.
  12. I don't. The person below me is an early riser (even on weekends).
  13. Good afternoon, everyone! It is crazy hot here. 91 and 104 with humidity! We are traveling to CA to visit our family and friends this week they are having the hottest week this week- 109. Ahhh! No escaping the heat. Today I'm melting Salty Sea Air from SGA.
  14. Not a huge baked beans fan! The person below me is going somewhere to see fireworks this July 4th.
  15. Hi ladies, and happy Friday! DH is grilling up some bacon wrapped beef for dinner, yum! AmyJo, too funny about the hotel mix-up! Honeybear, so glad you get to spend time with your DD # 2. Get anything good at the mall? Today I'm melting Key Lime and Toasted Raspberry Coconut Zucchini Bread from CFTKR.
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