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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hi all! Today it is Christmas Cookies from The Spotted Hog :)
  2. We've been on vacation and I haven't been melting. I am trying to get back into the swing of things here and get my mind out of vaca mode Today I am melting Zucchini Bread Graham Cracker Buttercream Frosting Sugar Cookies from Front Porch...that's a mouthful! It smells quite good though!! :)
  3. Hello all! Today it is Angie's Famous Cupcakes from Front Porch
  4. I am melting Nutter Butter Bar from The Spotted Hog today
  5. Today I am melting Strawberry Crunch from Cheryl's. Much cooler today which I am enjoying! biolaeagles - Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear that I hope his recovery is swift!
  6. Nice title, candlelove! Finding a minute to check in! Today it is BHG Vanilla Cookie Crunch. I haven't melted this one in a long time. I decided to pick up a clamshell while shopping for back to school supplies this weekend :)
  7. I am melting Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from OPT today :) This summer is flying and can hardly believe school will be starting back here next month. I need to get into "buying school supples" mindset really soon here! lol
  8. Yes, I do! The person below me has seasonal allergies.
  9. Happy Friday! Today I am melting Vanilla Pound Cake from The Spotted Hog This smells so good. biolaeagles - Ugh, that is rough. My youngest has been waking up randomly at night and yelling and standing in his crib the past week or so. I hear you on the coffee! The Strawberry Chrusciki Cookies was good. I got more strawberry than cookie. I could tell there was a bakery note in there with it but strawberry was dominant to my nose. candlelove - Enjoy your beach time!
  10. Happy Wednesday! I've been melting Strawberry Chrusciki Cookies from The Spotted Hog :)
  11. Today I am melting Anginettes Butter Cookie from The Spotted Hog
  12. Another hot day here...94 I think. I am melting Heavenly Vanilla from The Spotted Hog candlelove - Sounds fun! Congrats on winning! Maggie - Thank you for the heads up! :)
  13. Hello! I'm melting Italian Pizzelle from The Spotted Hog I've really been enjoying their scents. This was my first order and I will definitely buy again sometime! candlelove - I am glad things turned out ok for your mom! Maggie - I don't have a fitbit but I've heard others complain that it can act up sometimes
  14. Hello all! Today it is Funnel Cake w/ Powdered Sugar from The Spotted Hog debra- Oh no! :( I hope it will be feeling better soon!
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