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    100% soy, vegan candles to brighten your home & senses.

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    4014 1st Ave, Suite 304 , Brooklyn, New York 11232, United States

    About Brooklyn Candle Studio

    We are Brooklyn Candle Studio. Our dreamy scents are inspired by nature and travel, moments and memories. We hand-pour our candles in our Brooklyn studio using sustainable soy wax and phthalate-free perfume oils infused with essential oils. We pride ourselves on our meticulous craftsmanship, ethical production, and accessible prices.

    Note From Candlefind:
    Brooklyn Candle Studio is known for their beautiful fragrances and slow, clean burning candles. The soy wax candles are some of the best on the market, with unique scent combinations that fragrance a space well without overwhelming. If you would prefer to sample scents first, before committing to a large, glass jar, they do offer discovery kits for their collections. These sets of six, half-ounce travel tins are enough to help determine if a particular scent would be the right fit for you & your home.
    Their signature candles include a clear jar with minimal labeling. They have recently introduced an artistic line, the Allison Kunath collection, that features beautiful artistic drawings. The candle wax remains dye-free, but these particular beauties are double-wicked to accomodate the larger sized jar.
    Aside from the beautiful candles, this company also offers room mists, reed diffusers, and a few candle accessories. Try their scent persona quiz to get some specific recommendations that might work well for you. This is one of the many reasons we’ve chosen this company as one of the best New York candle companies there are!
    Brooklyn Candle Studio
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