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    New Market, Tennessee 37820, United States

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    Beads of Jupiter Etsy site: Fashionable, creative bracelets plus soy candles & wax melts.

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    Note From Candlefind:

    The Beads of Jupiter Etsy shop has some beautiful gemstone bracelets, but that’s not what got them on our radar. They also make wonderfully scented, 100% soy candles and wax melts. The candle options are 8 ounce and 16 ounce, mason jar style. They are all single wick candles, with the 16oz candle having a stated burn time of 60-80 hours.

    The wax melts are in the traditional clamshell packaging. Like their candles, they only carry a select few scents, but they are all very good. They have pretty super scented wax melts and candles which last a long time.

    The obvious main selling items at Beads of Jupiter are their gemstone bracelets. They make a variety bracelets with different types of beads. The reviews indicate they are of high quality and are well received. The wax melts and candles are definitely secondary, which explains the limited number of fragrances available. Yet and still, the customer service is fantastic and they ship out fast. Matthew and Nancy provide excellent customer service and are very responsive to their customers.

    The company does donate 10% of their proceeds to charity, but they do not specify which charity that is on their site. We will keep our antennas up and update this information in the future should we learn more.

    Beads of Jupiter Wax Melts
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    Wonderful wax melts
    Wonderful wax melts! I live that they are soy because they last longer!