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Candles That Smell Like Pizza

Do pizza-scented candles really smell like pizza? We try to find out!

Candlefind Candles That Smell Like Pizza

The beauty of candles is that you can make them smell like just about anything. A rose garden, freshly mowed grass, or even like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! But candles that smell like pizza? As we pondered this question, we found out that it is not such a crazy thought afterall. We found several companies that made pizza scented candles, and so we decided it was our duty to put them to the test. What does a pizza candle smell like anyway? Would it be any good? Were some better than others? Time to find out, the Candlefind way!

Stinky Candle Company

Pizza Candle

Stinky Candle Co Pizza Candle

The first place we looked for a pizza scented candle was Stinky Candle Company. They are known for making far-out scents and we certainly weren’t disappointed.


Pizza Parlor

Candles That Smell Like Pizza-Overysoyed Pizza Candle

We certainly wanted to try an all soy version of a pizza scented candle, so we were glad to find that Oversoyed offered one up. This one was less about the dough and more about the cheese and spices. It was pretty authentic if you’re looking for a candle that smells like pizza!

Gourmet Candle

Pizza Candle

Gourmet Pizza Candle
Photo credit: Gourmet Candle

It’s no surprise that Gourmet Candle makes candles that smell like pizza. They also have some…er…unique scent choices, so it was not a far stretch to expect a pizza candle. This particular candle was a bit of a light thrower and was more garlic-y than the others we tried.

Big T Ranch Soap

The Big Cheese Pizza Soy Wax Melts

Big T Ranch Big Cheese Pizza Wax Melts

Maybe you don’t want your pizza scented candle to have that sausage or pepperoni meat smell to it. That’s when you should opt for a candle that smells like cheese pizza. We found The Big Cheese Pizza wax melts from Big T Ranch Soap and thought they should do just fine. Look at how adorable they are! They packed a punch scentwise, and they, indeed, smelled a bit cheesy. There were not spices mixed into this one that we could tell, so it really just smelled like warmed cheese.

Tracey Gurney

Chicago Style Pizza

If it’s a thick, doughy type scent you’re after, consider a Chicago style pizza scented candle. We were happy to find one from Tracey Gurney off Etsy and it was pretty authentic – probably our favorite of the bunch! This would scent up a small space, so keep that in mind if ordering.

Flaming Crap

The ‘One Night Standle’

Candlefind Candles That Smell Like Pizza Flaming Crap The 'One Night Standle'

We have a great sense of humor here at Candlefind, so Flaming Crap was for sure on our list to search for pizza scented candles. We found The ‘One Night Standle’ candle, which is a mixture of few scents, pizza included. Oh boy, did it deliver! This was a mash-up type of scent that we weren’t quite sure what to make of. This would make a great gag gift for someone, but not sure we would keep burning this one away in our homes.

True Texas Scents

Pizza & Beer

True Texas Scents Pizza & Beer Candle

If you want more than a candle that smells like pizza, how about a candle that smells like pizza and beer? That’s what we found at True Texas Scents and it did a nice blend of the doughy pizza with some malt, wheaty notes that you would expect from a cold beer. Definitely a bit different than the others and with a pretty good scent throw!

There you have it! A round up of a variety of pizza-scented candles for you to sit back and enjoy. Try one or try them all, then tell us what you think. If you’d rather have more “normal” scented candles, check out our picks for the best watermelon candles or the best floral scented candles. Or just stick around as we are always searching for the best scented candles!

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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