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Candle Lists9 Best Watermelon Scented Candles

9 Best Watermelon Scented Candles

Celebrate National Watermelon Day with at least one of these awesome watermelon scented candles.

CF Best Watermelon Scented Candles

It’s National Watermelon Day! And true to form, we have rounded up nine of the best watermelon scented candles you can buy.

Coastal Watermelon, White Barn

Coastal Watermelon Candle White Barn
Juicy watermelon, pink of pink sea salt, ocean waves with essential oils. Photo credit: Bath & Body Works

As we’ve mentioned in our prior Coastal Watermelon candle review, this is a scent we would pick up again and in multiple quantities. We absolutely LOVED this fragrance. It is juicy and sweet with just the right amount of saltiness. The strength is a 10/10!

Salted Watermelon, Sophie Rose

Salted Watermelon Candle Sophie Rose
Juicy ripe watermelon meets pink salt crystals in this refreshing summer scent. Salted Watermelon has vibrant bold notes of watermelon with salty undertones. Photo credit: Sophie Rose

If you’re looking for a little less sweet and a little more salty, try this Salted Watermelon candle from Sophie Rose Candle Company. It is so mouthwatering good and delicious, it will have you begging for more!

Sweet Watermelon Buttercream, BH&G

Sweet Watermelon Buttercream Wax Cubes, Better Homes & Gardens
The flavorful blend of sweet watermelon, honeydew and strawberry leaf gives way to a delicious heart of whipped butter cream and sugared peony. Photo credit: Better Homes & Gardens

As we’ve mentioned in our prior Sweet Watermelon Buttercream wax melt review, this is YUMMY! It isn’t really a cake or bakery but more of a sweet watermelon (which dominated) blended with hints of creamy vanilla. If you love melon scents, you will love this one. Another 10/10 for scent strength.

Watermelon & Chili, P.F. Candle Co.

Watermelon & Chili Candle, PF & Co
Fresh cut fruit, hand-squeezed citrus, cool grass on a hot day. Tart yet earthy. Watermelon, summer grass, dried chili, and lime. Photo credit: P.F. Candle co.

Get a little spicy with P.F. Candle Company’s Watermelon & Chili candle. The cool sweetness of the watermelon is balanced with a spicy chili note that is unexpected and divine. We love the added fresh grass notes…it’s like a picnic in a jar!

Watermelon, Pelican Scents

Watermelon melts from Pelican Scents
A sweet, juicy watermelon scent

A fresh, juicy watermelon scent that is perfect for the summer! This wax melt was soooo delicious! It was fresh and sweet and absolutely mouthwatering. It actually had a little bit of green in it to make it smell like a true watermelon scent, as opposed to a piece of candy. Check out the mini review of this watermelon scented wax melt here.

Juicy Watermelon, Yankee Candle

Juicy Watermelon Candle, Yankee Candle
The ultimate summer refresher…the sweet, cooling scent of juicy watermelon. Top: Watery Accents, Sliced Watermelon
Mid: Ripe Kiwi, Fresh Strawberry, Freesia
Base: Sheer Musk. Photo credit: Yankee Candle

Of course Yankee Candle was going to make the list for the best watermelon scented candles! This one is all sweet and very fruity…at times the watermelon gets lost in the scent of the other notes, but it’s still a great one to try. It’s also pretty strong for a Yankee Candle!

Watermelon Basil, Simpatico

Watermelon Basil Candle, Simpatico
Perfectly balanced basil, melon and cucumber notes blend to create this summery scent. Photo credit: Candles Off Main

For a sophisticated watermelon scented candle, Watermelon Basil from Simpatico is the one we reach for time and time again. It has more earthiness and green notes with just the right amount of sweet. And it looks soooo pretty during the burn!

Watermelon Patch, Goose Creek

Watermelon Patch Large Jar Candle Goose Creek
Take a walk through the watermelon patch. The aroma of sweet melon and green grass surrounds you. Top:Sliced Watermelon, Rain Drops; Mid:Light Strawberry, Fresh Kiwi; Base:Soft Green Grass, Dewy Leaves. Photo credit: Goose Creek

This candle is like eating a slice of juicy watermelon while sitting on a patch of grass after the rain on a picnic. It’s that complex and that realistic…we love it!

Watermelon, A&M Candle Company

Watermelon Candle, A&M Candle Company
Photo credit: A&M Candle Company

Ok, this one gets cool points for looking so adorable. But it doesn’t stop there…this candle smells just like a chunky watermelon slice – sweet and juicy. Yum!

That’s it! Our round up of 9 amazing watermelon scented candles to help you get your celebration on. Did we miss your favorite? Chime in below & let us know!

Happy candle burning!

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