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Salt Mountain Melts

  • Texas

Wax slangin’ ♡ Handcrafted in small batches ♡ Highly scented melts ♡ Only the finest ingredients used


Whiskey Farmhouse Company

  • Grand Prairie, Texas

Hand made, highly scented wax melts made with coconut blended wax and handmade unique acrylic and epoxy keychains.


Broadway Wax


We specialize in the creation of fragranced wax melts (or tarts).  Melts are designed to be slowly melted to release the fragrance and make your living space smell amazing.  Use a purpose made “warmer”, or ten, for the best results, and enhance every room of your home.


Empire Alchemy Wax

  • Southern California

Southern California's indie vendor of candle wax melts for your wax warmer which releases long lasting fragrance into your home.


Twilight Candle Shop


We are a home-based business. You can order as much as you like and pay a flat shipping cost for everything. We specialize in custom poured soy candles, but we have a number of other related products, even coconut wax candles! Thanks so much for checking out our store!