Review: What more can a candle-holic ask for?!


    I bought my first Aloha Bay candles (votives) from in the fragrance Margarita and I loved them! I burned my votives in a good sized bathroom and the fragrance filled the room easily. It’s very citrus and tangy and was really sour, just like biting into a tart lime… it was really different and very summery! The description for this candle on the website was only, lime & orange. I would say heavier on the lime side. The wax was really hard and had a different look than other candles I’ve tried but they burned evenly and seemed to last a long time. I loved the fragrance a lot and will definitely purchase again but next time in larger jars for bigger rooms. I went on Aloha Bays website and found lots of other fragrances that look just as interesting that I’m already drooling over. Prices are even reasonable which surprised me and they offer free shipping on orders $30 or more. What more can a candle-holic ask for?!