Review: A Cheerful Giver - Archive Review 2


    I just tried one of their Sugar Cookie scented votives the other day. I was very impressed! The scent was very awesome and strong…my room smelled like I was baking sugar cookies! This candle makes me hungry! The scent is just so authentic and has that “downhome” feel to it. When I searched for the web site for A Cheerful Giver, I noticed they are the makers of “Keepers of the Light” jar candles. I feel like I’ve heard of that before. Has anyone tried them? I just want to find out what the whole deal is with their Keepers of the Light candles. If you have any info on them, send me an email by clicking the Contact link at the bottom of this page. Anyway, I’m normally not very impressed with the majority of votives out there, but this votive seems to be among the stronger ones on the market. I have no idea if their other scents are the same way or not…just going by the Sugar Cookie scent I tried. Carolyn šŸ™‚