Review: Smelled ordinary


    My newest aromatherapy experience is Archipelago candles. I was cautious again and bought votives just in case I didn’t like them. I purchased Paramour & La’Orangerie. Paramour is a mixture of Papaya, Mango & Pomegranate. La’Orangerie is a mixture of Nectarine, Mango & Citrus. I enjoyed them both but Paramour was by far my favorite of the two. I burned two votives at a time so I could get a stronger scent throw and burned them in my large bathroom. Paramour was a bold, deep scent and I loved the fragrance. It didn’t smell fruity to me but more aromatherapy. It has a strong scent throw and was awesome. Every time I went in my bathroom, I would go, “Mmmmmm” because it smelled so good. I totally recommend this one. La’Orangerie was pretty good too but I liked Paramour a lot more. Paramour was much stronger and had that deep/strong fragrance that seemed lacking in La’Orangerie. I couldn’t distinguish Nectarine from Mango but it did smell fruity and was nice. I just wish it would have had that aromatherapy feel to it. To me, it smelled ordinary, a fragrance I could buy somewhere else for much less. ~ Christina