Coconut Candle Review

Intro To My Candle Review

Mmm!! I closed my eyes and simply inhaled this one. I am a huge fan of Bath & Body Works’ sandalwood blends so I jumped on this candle the second I saw it. It smelled like a sexy and sophisticated creamy delight. I smelled sandalwood the most with hints of sweet coconut. Loved it just based off cold sniff.

First Impressions of My Candle

Coconut palm – yes, but light. Sandalwood – check! Warm musk – light. Jasmine – not a lick. Not that I could smell anyway. To me, this scent was solid sandalwood, a teeny hint of musk with creamy coconut as the backdrop. This is a scent I could see myself wearing as a lotion – it smelled that yummy.

Coconut Palm, luxurious sandalwood, warm musk, jasmine with essential oils.

From Bath & Bodyworks’ Website

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How Did My Candle Burn?

Time to light this one up.I had a feeling this candle would be a room filler so in a large room it went. It didn’t take long to reach a full melt pool with three wicks and oh my goodness. It seemed like instant fragrance the second the wicks were lit. Within minutes, the aroma was all around the candle. After a good 15 minutes, the fragrance was everywhere. My entire bedroom smelled like coconut cream with a perfect blend of Bath & Body Works signature sandalwood. Not a jasmine petal in sight. Maybe a teeny bit of musk but that’s it. To my nose, this scent was solid coconut cream and sensuous sandalwood, and it was perfect. My favorite part, the coconut was loud and clear and creamy as can be. The sandalwood, a perfect backdrop to the coconut. I loved this one and will for sure purchase a few more before they’re gone.

I’m very happy to report, this candle burned perfect. The wicks behaved and the candle burned clean and evenly from start to finish. Super happy.

Closing To My Candle Review

I hope Coconut Sandalwood becomes a staple with Bath & Body Works and they bring it back every year. I loved it. If you love sexy and sophisticated aromas, definitely sniff this candle next time you’re near a Bath & Body Works store and see for yourself. I’m definitely picking up a few more.

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