Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus

Brand: White Barn

Type: 14.5oz large 3 wick candle

Fragrance: Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus

Scent Strength: Strong

First impression of Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus:

Any White Barn or Bath & Body Works candle that has coconut in it is usually a candle I naturally gravitate towards. Coconut is in my top five scents I’m always craving and Bath & Body Works puts out some of the best. Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus sounded like a scent I had to try and I am so glad I purchased one. This candle smelled SOOO good!! Sweet and milky coconut with a teeny herbal vibe in the background is what I smelled. I closed my eyes and just inhaled this one.

Here is the scent description for Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus:

Creamy coconut, fresh eucalyptus, mint leaves.

Just sniffing the wax, this scent is about 90% coconut and I was a-okay with that. It was so sweet and creamy, like fresh coconut milk with a touch of mint. I could easily bath and drown in this scent. Can you see where this review is heading already?

Time to light my candle!

Coconut Blossom Candle Review

I lit Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus in my master bedroom (my favorite room to burn White Barn candles in) and boy was a large room a perfect setting for this candle. Within 15 minutes of lighting the wicks, the aroma was everywhere and oh my goodness… AMAZING!! Every part of my bedroom and open bathroom was filled with the creamiest coconut milk aroma. Not suntan lotion coconut but creamy, milky coconut. The mint was there as well but subtle and I thought it was a perfect union. My first assessment was correct, 90% coconut milk, 10% mint. Coconut definitely dominated this one and I wouldn’t change a thing. This fragrance was soothing and tropical all at once. Loved it!

Strength – I would rate Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus a 10 out of 10 in any size room. It was a room filler for sure but not overpowering.

How Did My Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus Candle Burn?

Perfect! The wicks lit right up and burned consistently. In fact, I even had to trim all three wicks a few times during the lifespan of this candle. With this brand, I don’t mind that at all. Also, clean burning from start to finish. A+

Closing To My Review:

Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus was one of the best coconut scents I’ve burned this year and I am DEFINITELY going back for more before they’re gone for the season. If you love creamy coconut and are ready to be soothed as well, this candle is a must try. In fact, just go sniff it next time you’re at a Bath & Body Works store and see for yourself. I’m in love!

Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus is not listed on Bath & Body Works website anymore but I’m hoping it is available in stores. I purchased this candle two weeks ago so crossing fingers it is because I’m ready to pick me up another one. That’s how much I loved this fragrance.

Happy candle hunting!

~ ChristinaCandlefind Editor's Choice

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Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 5/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

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