Cinnamon Cider and Pomegranate & Pear – Aromatique Review

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Aromatique

Type: Cinnamon Cider
Pomegranate & Pear 14oz pillars

Scent Strength: Well fragranced



Introduction to my review of two Pillars from Aromatique…

I’m definitely in the “Fall” mood and burning lots of fall scents since the weather in my neck of the woods is definitely getting cooler (I live in the desert). Aromatique sent me tons of delectable fragrances in so many sizes and styles that it’s going to take me the rest of the winter season to burn through them. Yipeeeeeeee!!

My two recent Aromatique candles of the week are 14oz pillars in the fragrances Cinnamon Cider and Pomegranate & Pear.


How did I like my candles from Aromatique?

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Pomegranate & Pear

This fragrance was awesome! I don’t know if Aromatique considers this a fall scent or not but since they sent me their entire fall line… I’m guessing that it is.

Pomegranate & Pear was the perfect blend of both fruits with pear standing out the most to me and boy was it sweet and delicious. I burned this pillar in my guest bathroom which is a pretty big room. I leave the door open and the fragrance from that one pillar fragranced my entire lower level and you could even smell it loud and clear walking down my stairs. I was very impressed with the scent throw.

The fragrance is so fruity and sweet, you almost want to bite into it like a piece of fruit. I didn’t smell any spices at all, just sweet pear and pomegranate. My husband who almost never comments on my candles told me every day that I burned it how much he liked it.



Mulled ciderCinnamon Cider

This is one of the best cinnamon ciders I’ve come across to date. It smelled very authentic. There’s a quaint Spanish style complex in Arizona called Tlaqepaque (tell-lock-eh-pock-ee) and every Christmas starting right after Thanksgiving, they have an event called Red Rock Fantasy. The entire complex lights up with Christmas lights in every theme imaginable. It’s almost like you’re walking through a parade and it takes well over an hour to walk the entire event. Anyway, my kids and I walk it every year and at the beginning when you enter, they give you a steaming big cup of freshly made hot cinnamon cider and I sip it the entire time I’m walking around. It’s so warm and soothing and I’m constantly breathing in the wonderful fragrance as I’m sipping it. This candle smells just like the cinnamon cider I get every year!!

The scent throw is nice and strong and one candle should fragrance a big room quite nicely. This is a great fall and winter scent and definitely gets a two thumbs up from me.



candle flameHow did my pillars burn?

I’m sorry to report that I wasn’t happy with how my pillars burned. The wax was on the hard side so as the wax pool formed on both, they tunneled quite a bit. I tried hugging both candles but the wax didn’t get gooey or mold easily. Instead, when I tried hugging it, the outer wax tended to break apart causing wax to dribble down the sides creating a mess. I did manage to salvage a lot of the wax but it took some work. The fragrances themselves were awesome so I would definitely buy them again only I’ll buy their jars instead.



Closing to my review:

I do recommend both fragrances, they were both awesome. I just wished they would have burned better. I don’t think you can go wrong with buying their jars though. They are on the expensive side but the quality is excellent and these candles are VERYLoved this candle fragrant. I say if you’re gonna splurge, go for it!

Happy candle burning!

~ Christina

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