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May has come and gone, and so have our Mother’s Day themed subscription boxes. We’ve gotten some great feedback on this month, and we were super pleased to work with our Flicker Box Sponsor, Tara’s Candle Cottage. This box also marked the final month for our free shipping (boo…we know!). However, with that disappointing news, we marry that with GREAT news! Starting with next month’s boxes, you are able to select your scents! You spoke and we listened…we hope this will prove to provide an even greater experience for our customers.

And now on to what was in our Mother, May I? boxes!

About Our Box Reveals

We don’t discuss the full content of our boxes until they have shipped out, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise. After boxes have started to leave our doors, we post our monthly box reveal, going through all the contents of each box type in detail. It’s our opportunity to explain the meaning behind the current month’s theme, how we choose products for the boxes, and to give you some more details on each specific product included. If you have not yet received your box and still want to be surprised, we advise you to stop reading now. Some of you still may not have your boxes, yet you’re anxious to see what’s inside. If you have your box, pull it on out and read along!

Theme: Mother, May I?

Candlefind Subscription Boxes Mother, May I Theme

Our Mother, May I? boxes were meant to revolve around the Mother’s Day theme. Although the boxes arrived after Mother’s Day, the contents inside were meant to delight mothers of all shapes and sizes for any day of the week. We included some floral based scents and some eye candy to boot.

Candlefind May Subscription Box

Companies in the Boxes

Tara’s Candle Cottage

Found in: The Flicker

We are long-time fans of Tara’s Candle Cottage. They have some AWESOME blends and a scent list that seems endless! The quality of the melts is fantastic & the customer service can’t be beat! TCC was the sponsor for our Flicker box this month, and we were thrilled to be able to work with her. The scent shots are some of our favorite items for purchase here, and we had a variety of scents for our customers this month. The shots are available for purchase in 3-, 6-, or 12-packs. You can either choose their scents, customer creations, or get creative and blend your own.

Aside from the scent shots, there are samplers available and some wax melt shapes. Tara has some ah-mazing candles, too! Round out your shopping experience with some beautifully scented bath/body goods and you’re all set.

Tara’s Candle Cottage has been going strong since 2002, with her dedication to customer service and high-quality products speaking for itself. This is one candle company that we are proud to keep high on our list of favorites!

Tara's Candle Cottage Melts - Smell The Hand Poured Difference

Since 2002, we have worked very hard to provide you with the best there is to offer. Each and every candle is hand-poured and made especially for YOU!  Our candles will fill your home with delightful, pleasing fragrances and warm, relaxing candlelight.

Tara, Tara’s Candle Cottage

1133 Candles

Found in: The Flicker

1133 Candles Love Is Kind Wax Melts

This faith-based company donates a portion of profits to Lakewood Meals on Wheels, Project Shepherd, Olive Crest and Kingdom Causes Bellflower. The soy candles and wax melts are high on our list of awesomeness.

The products that came to us were packaged so well. Everything was done with such love and care…and it showed! The wax melts are bags of small shapes, and they hold a world of scent in each one. The favorite one from the bunch we tried was Love Is Kind…ohmygoodness, such a beautiful floral scent. This reminded me of a rose scent with beautiful green notes. So lovely and soooo long lasting!

After much research and testing, we made a variety of scents and shared them with our family on Thanksgiving Day 2018. They bought every candle that we made and our family business was born. We are an online candle shop based in Lakewood, CA. Our mission is to encourage you with the words of Jesus (Luke 11:33), refresh your home and give back to our community.

Owner, 1133 Candles

The products are 100% soy and we love the fact that they give back regularly to their community. They offer wax melts, candles, and some accessories.

A Mandatory Activity

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame, The Luxe

A Mandatory Activity Candle

This company believes that enjoying life is a mandatory activity…and scent is one of the best ways to do so! We love their fun scent names and quality soy candles & melts. Inside the box this month we including a large wax melt that looked like a candy bar! Fragrant and fun, this was a cool addition to our themed box for moms.

Our Luxe box customers were lucky enough to get a decadent bath bomb from A Mandatory Activity. These bath bombs make your skin oh-so-soft and smell wonderful, too! Soak in the tub with one of these while lighting a candle for an extra special treat.

A Mandatory Activity is a family-owned candle and soap company based in Maryland. We strive to create quality products that will make you smile. Designing and making our products is a process we really enjoy, and we hope that enjoyment translates to you. 

A Mandatory Activity

Ambrosia Flame Candles

Found in: The Flame

Ambrosia Flame Candles is a small candle company that handpours each 100% soy candle in small batches in Madison, WI. They don’t just smell amazing…they are healthy works of art!

We were blown away by the quality of these beautiful soy candles, so we were more than excited to be able to include them in our Mother, May I? boxes. They carry 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz mason candle jars as well as clamshell-style wax melts. If you’re a lot like us on the go, you can snag some 8oz travel tin candles here, too. No matter which you choose, you really can’t go wrong, as these are truly clean burning, highly fragrant candles.

Ambrosia Flame Soy Candles

I personally pour each candle by hand. Combining my passion for hand-crafted items and natural and organic products, I create candles that are healthy works of art.

Mandy, Ambrosia Flame Candles


Found in: The Luxe

Aromatique is one of our favorite luxury brands on the planet! The small selection just means we’ve had a chance to try them all…and they are all fabulous! Such clean, long lasting burns…they are truly worth the extra penny or two. And they last FOREVER! Such joy!

The beautiful candle jars we chose for this month’s box add some eye candy to the mix. The glass jars are textured and have that signature Aromatique emblem on one side. These are sure to put a smile on someone’s face!

Aromatique Candles

Oh Wow Candle Company

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame

Oh Wow Wax Melts Candlefind Subscription Box

We are in love with the candles & wax melts from Oh Wow Candle Company. This father-daughter team makes 100% soy products that will make you want to say, “Oh, wow!” They carry clamshell wax melts as well as fragrance flights, which are 1 ounce samplers. The Flicker and The Flame boxes contain the clamshells – we’ve had great results using these in our electric melters. They seem to last a really long time and give off a good amount of fragrance.

With a variety of unique candle fragrances and simple jar selections, we have created a broad range of “Oh Wow” products that allow each and every one of our customers to find something they will personally enjoy. Whether you are stocking up on holiday aromas, or looking for a seasonal house warming fragrance, check us out! We hope to earn your business and hear you say Oh Wow!

Oh Wow Candles

S-Scents Handcrafted

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame, The Luxe

S-Scents Handcrafted Wax Melts Candlefind Subscription Box

S-Scents Handcrafted is a small, black-owned business. Their handmade wax melts come in a variety of beautiful shapes and smell wonderful!

We went for larger wax melts for this box that were beautifully decorated. They came with smaller wax melts embedded on the top that can be removed for separate melting. We chose to melt the entire kit and kaboodle, and we were not disappointed!

 I make wonderfully scented wax melts and bath and body products. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Sanura, S-Scents Handcrafted

Bedrock Home Deco

Found in: The Luxe

Bedrock Home Deco Candlefind Subscription Box

Our bonus gift this month for The Luxe box was an agate geode coaster from Bedrock Home Deco. These coasters are soooo much prettier in person – we love them! They even have little “feet” to protect your surfaces. This coaster is perfect to set your candle on while you burn and enjoy.

Bonus Gifts

RG Wax Melts Candlefind Subscription Box

Our bonus gift this month came in the form of some scented wax melts from Rosegirls Candle Company. If you found a package of wax melts with no company name on them, then you’ve scored some awesome RG melts…Enjoy!

More in the Box

Other items possibly found in this month’s box:

  • Candlefind Branded Magent
  • Candlefind Signature Packaging
  • Gift Tag so you can gift your products…if you must.
  • Candy 🙂
  • 2 Cello Bags. We know that cello bags are the best way to store your wax melts to help them maintain their scent. We’ve given you a couple in case you want to store some of your box contents in them. (Flicker & Flame only)
  • Custom Matchbook (Flame & Luxe only)
  • Exclusive Coupons
  • BONUS scents: We occasionally have extra goodies to include in your box!

News & Next Month’s Box

Candlefind Subscription Boxes Monthly Themes

That’s it! We hope those of you who have a box are enjoying all your scented goodies. If you haven’t had the chance to get one of these boxes, be sure to snatch one up soon. We’re getting close to running out of stock each month!

If you are still on the fence about the boxes but want to take a peek into what they are all about, we now offer a Try Me! box that comes with some select wax melts that can be found in our full-sized boxes. Sorry, no specific scent selections for these boxes, but you are able to tell us your general scent preferences. Give us a try…we think you’ll love it!

Happy candle burning!

The Candlefind Team Signature

Congrats to our monthly box winner, Mackenzie V.! Mackenzie won a free box just for being a Candlefind To Go newsletter subscriber. We will be picking our next winner soon, so be sure your name is in the hat.

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