Trick or Treat Trilogy WoodWick Candle ReviewTrick or Treat WoodWick candle review

by Christina Rylan

Brand: WoodWick Candle from Virginia Candle Brands.

Type: 10oz WoodWick Trilogy candle

Fragrance: Trick or Treat

Cost: $13.99

Scent Strength: Medium


Introduction to my Trick or Treat trilogy candle from WoodWick:

With Halloween right around the corner, I’ve been on the hunt for Halloween themed candles to review and found this adorable WoodWick candle on sale I purchase from It looks like this scent was discontinued but it’s still available in several places to purchase which is how I got my hands on one… so who knows, maybe it’ll come back next year. The scent is called “Trick or Treat” from Virginia Candles “Trilogy” WoodWick line. Trilogy Trick or Treat WoodWick candle reviewcandles have three different layers of scent – all in one candle. Remember those waaaaaaay back in the day when Virginia Candles used to be called Old Virginia? I used to love their triple layered candles… it was like buying three candles in one. Each scent would blend into the next creating unique variations of fragrance. I’m really glad Virginia Candle brought them back.

Trick or Treat was made of up three classic Halloween scents… candy corn – caramel candies and Jack-o-lanterns. I have no idea what Jack-o-Lanterns smelled like but I was about to find out…



What does my Trick or Treat candle look like?trick or treat WoodWick candle review

WoodWick candles are simply gorgeous. The glass is shaped in an hourglass with a beautiful thick wood lid to seal in the scent. WW is embossed into the lid in big bold silver letters. The wax was three different colors, top layer was white – middle was a bright orange – and the bottom layer was a pumpkin orange. A thick wood wick was perfectly centered. There was a puffy small square label on the face of the candle that has the WW Trilogy logo with  3 little candy corns separating the different layered scent names below it. See picture to the left.



What did my Trick or Treat candle smell like?

Smelling this candle cold, Mmmmmm!!!! The top layer was candy corn and smelled sugary and sweet. Exactly like real candy corn tastes. Buttery vanilla sugary goodness! It was very realistic.

Here is the scent description for Trick or Treat:

“A potion of classic candy corn, sticky caramel candies, and ghoulish jack-o-lanterns make up this eerie treat.”

Have you tried a WoodWick candle yet? I love the sound of these candles and the way they flicker and crackle visually. My trick or treat WoodWick candle reviewhusband does too… every time I have one burning, he comments on it every day. The sound kind of reminds me of a blow torch with crackling wood sounds intermingling. If you haven’t tried a WoodWick candle yet, I urge you to give one a try… they’re really cool! – – Okay, onto my candle:

I decided to burn this candle in a small bathroom. I wanted the complete effects and scent throw from this one and I felt it might get lost in a bigger room.

First layer – Candy Corn: This was a great top layer… I loved it the moment I popped open the lid – it smelled exactly like sugary candy corn tastes. You wouldn’t think candy corn really smells like anything since it has that hard shell on the outside… it’s biting into one that brings out all the flavor. That’s what this scent reminded me of. Perfect!

The strength was medium and gave a nice steady throw. Mmmmm. Loved this layer!

Second layer – Caramel Candies: Candy corn blended right into this next layer perfectly. Before I knew it, the room I had this candle burning in was saturated in a creamy caramel scent. It was sugary and sweet… not the best caramel scent I’ve tried in a candle but it was pretty decent. This gave a nice steady throw.

Final layer – Jack-o-Lanterns: This was my least favorite of the three scents in this candle and bummer of all, it was the thickest layer. I have no idea what this scent was. It wasn’t licorice (that I could tell anyway) and it didn’t smell like any Halloween candy I could pinpoint. It has a smoky smell so maybe it was wood smoke or campfire? Good of a guess as any….



candle flameHow did my Trick or Treat candle burn?

This candle burned great! I just had to really keep the wood wick trimmed or the flame would get too big. No wasted wax.



Overall opinion of my Trick or Treat Candle:
closing to my review
All in all, this was just an okay candle for me. It started out great… loved the candy corn top layer but after that… it lost its Halloween magic for me. Maybe that’s why Virginia Candle Co is discontinuing it. It sure is a pretty candle though and fits right in with Halloween so if you wanted to give this candle a try, it can still be purchased from a site called It’s priced right at $13.99 which is a great deal.

Happy Halloween!

~ Christina


Presentation: 4/5
Authenticity: 2/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength:  3/5

Overall Rating: 3/5

Have you tried Trick or Treat,a WoodWick candle from Virginia Gift Brands? Review it with us. In the comment section below, review and star rate your experience… it’s easy!

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