Wicks N More scented candle review, Candlefind.com, the site for candle lovers

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Wicks n’ More

Type: Square and Round Pillars,
Reserve Collection Container
Candle and Social Lite Votives

Fragrances: Forest Blend
Warmest Wishes
Amish Harvest
Very Berry Chocolate
and Cashmere

Scent Strength: Light to medium


Introduction to my review of Wicks n’ More:

One aspect I love about Candlefind is all the new companies I get to experience that I probably would never have tried otherwise. Wicks n’ More is a company I’ve always wondered about but never took the plunge on until recently. I love browsing this site and was immediately impressed with the professional and modern design. The visual aspect of the home page brought to mind, class, expertise and sophistication. I felt like I was looking at a professional ad in a magazine… I found the Wicks n More scented candle review, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loverswhole presentation very modern and simplistic.

Wicks n’ More specialize in pillars but they also sell votives, container candles and melts which they call simmer scents. Pillars are definitely their passion and main staple product and man are they GORGEOUS! I am loving pillars simply for their beauty and ambiance… they’re so lovely to watch burning and add such a nice and cozy warmth to a room. They also accessorize rooms nicely and I’ve got to say… Wicks n’ More has so many colors and styles, you could go wild deciding what to purchase. And after receiving these candles, I also think the pictures on their site do not come close to capturing how lovely these candles truly are. The colors were my favorite part, even more so than the scents themselves (hard to believe, I know), but it’s true. Rich burgundies, dark browns, mustard yellows, light tans, sage and forest greens are just a few colors that grace these candles…. So many rustic and Wicks n More scented candle review, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loversnatural colors and all the color schemes blended with my decor perfectly.

When I received my box and started un-wrapping all my candles, I was in heaven and just about rendered speechless at what greeted me. Wicks n’ More sent so many candles for me to sample… I couldn’t believe it. I was like a kid on Christmas morning unraveling every pillar and candle. My hubby was there as I was unwrapping each candle (listening to me gasp and saying lots of omigods) which got him curious… he had to see these “gasp worthy” candles… and his comment after seeing them all, “wow, those candles are almost too beautiful to burn” and he was right, that wasn’t an exaggeration! So many shapes and sizes in beautiful earth toned colors greeted me with each unwrapping of bubble wrap and tissue paper. I was almost overwhelmed… key word here though, “almost”! The candle connoisseur in me appreciated every candle that passed my nose and Wicks n More scented candle review, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loversmy eyes were definitely appreciating the beauty each one presented.

Wicks n’ More have an array of different candles which they categorize by calling them “collections” from a series called their “Reserve Classic” collection, “Reserve Natural” collection, “Harmony” collection etc… I also realized, not all collections are available to purchase through their website. I don’t really understand why that is and didn’t get very clear answers when I asked but it could be that a few collections are only available through wholesale.

I think it’s safe to say I was impressed and quite pleased so far… I was looking forward to burning some of these candles and for this review, I decided on the scents Forest Blend, Warmest Wishes, Amish Harvest, Very Berry Chocolate & Cashmere.



Wicks N More scented candle review, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loversWhat do my candles from Wicks n’ More Look Like?

These pillars are absolutely beautiful and are available in so many sizes from small to very large. The larger pillars are so dramatic and regal… I don’t think I’ve ever come across pillars so big and I loved the size. I have a few rooms in my house that are pretty big that needed large candles…. I was sent a 4X18 pillar and it was PERFECT!These candles will make beautiful accessories to any decor. Forest Blend was a 3X6 pillar, Warmest Wishes was a 3X9 pillar, Amish Harvest was a container candle, Very Berry Chocolate was a 3X6 square pillar and my votives seemed smaller than normal but in the most beautiful and decorative gift box. Presentation from this company is incredible and above reproach. There are nice tags with the Wicks n’ More company name and scent tied to each wick for easy removal. The whole packaging of these candles was phenomenal to me!I’ve described how each candle looked along with a picture of each candle next to each scent description so rather than repeat myself here, please read on for more detailed description of each candle.



How did my Candles from Wicks N More Smell?

Forest Blend (3X6 Round Pillar)

I chose Forest Blend to review for two reasons, #1, it’s a fall scent and “tis the season”… and #2, I loved the fragrance of this candle upon first sniff. Everything about this pillar appealed to me… I loved the beautiful colors but the scent was what sealed the deal… Forest Blend scented candles from Wicks n More, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loverssmelling this pillar immediately brought to mind “natural/earth” and warmth… it had that “candle” smell that reminded me of new age stores I love shopping in where the moment you walk in, you smell that earth and spice aroma. I don’t know how else to describe the scent other than it smelled “earthy and hippy” to me. I liked it. This pillar unlit gives off a hefty scent all by itself too. I had it ready to go in a candle tray and every time I walked into my master bath room, I could smell the fragrance very clearly so this would make a great decorative piece as well giving off a touch of fragrance.

This candle is gorgeous! It’s multi-layered with three colors… Dark green, light tan and a mute-ish brown with each layer swirling into the next… absolutely beautiful! Here’s the scent description from Wicks n’ Mores site:

“Patchouli and Sandlewood layered in a blend of woodsy aroma and colors.”

I am normally not a patchouli fan but this scent worked for me… the patchouli was very light. In my case, that was a good thing or I don’t think I would have liked this scent. I could make out the sandalwood (loved that) and definitely the woodsy aroma which I think gave it that “earthy” smell that kept luring me in. The overall scent was very warm and subtle and so natural in quality that I think candle lovers who love warm tones would devour this fragrance. It was calming and a scent I enjoyed to the very end.

In closing, I was overall quite happy with this fragrance and it’s not my “norm” at all. I would probably buy this scent again and do recommend it if you love earthy/natural type scents.



Warmest Wishes (3X9 Round Pillar)

This candle was incredibly beautiful and probably one of my favorite pillars (as far as Warmest Wishes Scented Pillar from Wicks n More, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loverslooks) from Wicks n’ More. Loved the colors! It had three layers, the bottom layer a rich burgundy, the middle layer tan and the top layer a dark sage green. The picture to the right does not even come close to showcasing the colors of this candle, seriously! It is way prettier in real life. Scent description:

“Visions of sugar plums and cranberries come alive in a popular color scheme appropriate for decorating even after the holidays!”

For some reason, this was not the scent I envisioned for the name “Warmest Wishes” and it kinda threw me when I started burning it. I anticipated a spicy aroma, not a sweet fruity scent. My fault and realized I should have read the scent description before burning it. Once I knew what I was smelling though, I was fine….

Breaking down the scent, I would say total sugar plum all the way. I couldn’t really detect cranberries, just a sweet and light fruit aroma. This scent was very light to me. I tried burning this pillar in my bedroom (couldn’t smell it), then moved it to my master bath (could barely smell it) and ended up moving it to a smaller bathroom where the scent throw was much better.

Closing remarks: I think I would buy this candle again just because of how gorgeous it was, not because of the scent. But if you’re a sugar plum fan and want a candle for it’s sheer beauty, definitely buy this candle… it’s gorgeous!



Wicks n More Reserve Collection Container Candle review, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loversAmish Harvest

Another A++ for presentation… this candle is very classy and gorgeous! The candle itself was 12oz and had one wick. The glass jar had a semi-curved shape, much like a large cocktail glass. The lid however was my favorite part… it was dark bronze and had a very old world look to it that fit so perfectly with my southwestern decor, I loved it! There was deep etching of leaves around the first tier of the lid…. so pretty and unique. I’m having a hard time describing it so please see picture for better visual reference. I looked on Wicks n More’s site for pricing on this candle and it shows a retail price of $13.99 (double take!)… that seems awfully low to me!! I would have guessed this candle priced at at least $20 bucks or more, easy and I would pay it too.

Scent description for Amish Harvest:

“The wonderful inviting aroma of cinnamon apple crisps!”

Well, not “the” most elaborate of scent descriptions but doable. If you love the smell of apples and spice, you can’t go wrong with this scent… it speaks fall and warmth very clearly and had just the right amount of spice to me. I burned this candle in my master bedroom (pretty large room) and it fragranced that room plus my master bath quite nicely.

Definitely recommend this scent if you love the smell of Apple spice.



Very Berry Chocolate Scented Candle Review from Wicks n More, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loversVery Berry Chocolate (3X6 Square Pillar)

I’m kind of guessing on what size pillars were sent to me because the tags on each pillar didn’t specify what size. Not surprising, this pillar is another gorgeous piece of work in looks and colors. The pillar is square with 3 layers… a deep red on the bottom swirling into a light Very Berry Chocolate scented candle review, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loverschocolate brown in the middle and then swirling into the same deep red on top… each color is kind of mottled too. Very beautiful and fitting colors for this scent.

I couldn’t find a scent description for this candle but I will say this… the scent is pretty straightforward and the name speaks it all. “Very Berry Chocolate”…. Oh yeah baby!! This one I know as I’m no stranger to chocolate covered strawberries. From my experience, this is not an easy scent to duplicate as the strawberry always smells fake to me. Wick’s N’ Mores version was very-very good. I could smell the chocolate with just the right touch of berry. No synthetic smell in this one.

Although this scent was on the light side, it still scented my master bathroom pretty decently which is pretty good for a pillar. I really enjoyed this scent and recommend it wholeheartedly.



Cashmere scented votives from Wicks n More's Social Lite collectionCashmere (Social-lite votive gift set)

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered such lovely packaging of votives till now! 6 darling little votives (smaller than a standard size votive) came packaged in a beautiful brown and green jewelry box tied with a matching big sage green organza ribbon. Inside, each votive is cushioned in its own satin compartment and when all the votives are gone, this box can then be used as a jewelry box. What a great idea!!! And the best part is it’s priced at around twenty bucks. HELLO!!… can you say perfect gift or what?!!

The fragrance sent to me was Cashmere and unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find a scent description to go off of anywhere on the Wicks n’ More site. Not the end of the world but more an annoyance since it makes it a tad harder to figure out what I’m smelling.

This scent struck me as very girly girl but I cannot for the life of me tell you what scents make up this fragrance. I found it to be very feminine and sophisticated, like a soft and powdery perfume. So, if you don’t like perfume type scents, you probably wouldn’t like this scent. This scent is also knock your socks off strong. One little votive fragranced my power room and the hallway quite nicely. Each votive lasts around 6 hours and burn perfectly with no wasted wax. I highly recommend these for gift giving, especially since they don’t even need to be gift wrapped.



Wicks n More burning candles, Candlefind.com, the site for candle lovers

How did my candles from Wicks n’ More candles burn?

I’m becoming a virtual pro at burning pillars and even remembered to “hug” my pillars every so often to ensure complete and even burns. No wasted wax in this household! All my round pillars burned perfect from beginning to end. Wanted to note, I couldn’t really “hug” the square pillars because the wax never got soft enough on the outer perimeters… I think they’re too big so I kinda just let those burn straight down.It was a bit more of a struggle with the container candle…. Took a real long time to get a complete burn and even then, I never really achieved complete burns so there was some leftover wax. The votives burned perfect.



Overall opinion of my experience with Wicks n’ More Candles:

I said the word “gorgeous” a ton in this review when describing these candles so I think it’s safe to say I loved the way these candles looked. If you love pillars whether for fragrance, ambiance or as decorative pieces in your home… Wicks n More scented pillars, Candlefind.com, the site for candle loversdefinitely plan on ordering from this company. As far as scent strength, I thought they were light to medium depending on the scent which I think it pretty normal for pillars. I don’t really contemplate buying a pillar just for scent anyway so that’s not really a big deciding factor for me.Every candle I tried were works of art and I could easily see this brand in high end department stores or would be an asset to any retail boutique or store owner who carries different brands of candles. The presentation of the products from Wicks n’ More is beautiful, classy and top notch. No expense spared and yet, their prices are quite reasonable. I was extremely impressed. The moment you see these candles, you’re drawn to them… I know I was.

Customer service is excellent. You can contact this company via email or they have a toll free number listed on their site with someone there to answer any questions during business hours.

Here’s an interesting tidbit…. if you like Gardenia scented candles… I have it from the Gardenia bloom, Candlefind.com, the site for candle lovers“highest authority” that Wicks n’ More has a great version. Rush Limbaugh announced on his radio show several months ago that he likes Gardenia scented candles and was on the search for a strong one and so (I’m guessing) hundreds of companies sent him Gardenia scented candles! He actually said he received so many, they took up an entire storage room and he finally asked that people stop sending him candles because he had no more room for them. Oh my gosh!!… I think that is SO funny!!! To have hundreds of candle companies send him candles from a simple little statement in passing… I think that’s hilarious! Anyway, out of hundreds of companies, he took the time to mention Wicks n’ More so that’s very-very cool!

This company rates very high on my “I like” list and think everything from here is not only gift worthy but a great buy and find. I think you will be just as pleased and happy as I was.

Happy candle shopping!

~ Christina

Note to readers
we have just learned Wicks n’ More has closed their doors. We are sorry to see them go and wish the owners all the best.

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