Oh my goodness candle lovers! I’m so excited!

I was at one of my favorite malls yesterday in Phoenix when I saw something I haven’t seen in over a decade. A
gorgeous and fragrant White Barn Candle store! It was a stand alone store located right next to Bath & Body Works. I can’t even begin tell you how surprised I was and of course I had to go in and smell all the candles and found some brand new scents I had never even heard of. You can only purchase many of white barn candlethem in a White Barn store – not in Bath & Body Works which bummed me out but that’s okay… White Barn stores are BACK!!!!! I love this brand.

I asked a gal who worked there how long they’ve been open and they said less than a week so they just launched. There are only a select amount of stores in a select amount of states right now (only one in my state) so you’ll have to go to their website to check locations near you. If you happen to have one close to you… definitely go check them out. I smelled the aroma coming from the store long before I even reached it. I think that’s what kept drawing me closer. I just assumed in was Bath & Body Works I was smelling so you can imagine my surprise when I saw White Barn Candle store.

The store was decorated so beautifully and is was a candle lovers dream. Candles everywhere!! No bath & Body, just solid colorful and fragrant candles!! Greens and blues, reds and yellows… every color and fragrance you can imagine. Had I not had the entire mall to walk, I would have probably walked away with a good 20 pounds worth. It was VERY hard not doing it. But… I’ll be back and will purchase quite a few to review. I won’t be able to help myself.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

Visit whitebarn.com for a store near you.

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