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Lemon Scented Candles – For Every Body


Lemon, Lemon and Lemon Scented candles from For Every Bodyfor every body candles,for every body,foreverybody,forevery body,for everybody candles,foreverybody candles,candles for everybody,candles for every body

by Christina Rylan

Brand:  For Every Body

Theme: Lemon Scented Candles

Lemon Cookie
Lemon Crisp
Lemon Cheesecake
Lemon Tree


Introduction to my For Every Body lemon review…

For Every Body candles are a pretty popular brand and can be found in so many stores across the country. The biggest one being Kohl’s.  They also have an online store that carries the majority of their candle line so if you don’t have any stores around you to purchase these candles, you can always order online.  That’s the route I usually go since I’m a big online shopper.  They also offer free shipping when you spend $30.00 or more (piece of cake!) and they always have online sales going on.  I’ve found some pretty amazing deals that way and have bought my fare share of this brand.for every body candles,for every body,foreverybody,forevery body,for everybody candles,foreverybody candles,candles for everybody,candles for every body

I think For Every Body candles are set apart from other brands by the way they decorate their candles.  They often use festive sprinkles or fruit wedges, cinnamon sprinkles etc. that corresponds with the scent theme creating a cute and well represented package.  It’s a really cool and fun line to purchase.  I will say that it seems to be hit and miss with this brand as I’ve bought some major duds to some pretty good ones.  I’ve found that some can smell fake or have an air freshener quality to them and then others smell super delicious!  I think this brand is definitely worth buying when you get the chance since they’re always on sale and they have such a huge selection to choose from.  If you don’t like what you buy, you aren’t out a whole lot.

Summer is here, YIPEE!… and I decided to do some major lemon shopping since that’s my favorite scent of all time.  For Every Body carries 4 lemon scents and since I’m one to never turn down a lemon candle, I bought all 4 to review.  I’ve always wondered what they smell like and this was my chance to find out.  Hopefully, this narrows down your decision making too should you decide to give any of these a try.



How did All my lemon candles from For Every Body smell?

Lemon Cookie:for every body candles,for every body,foreverybody,forevery body,for everybody candles,foreverybody candles,candles for everybody,candles for every body

At the time I bought this candle, Lemon Cookie was only available in their 9oz classic home baked jars.  I would have preferred something larger but oh well. Now that I go back to pull some descriptions for this review, I see it’s now available in a 5oz tin if you were interested in something smaller.  Here is the scent description:

“A squeeze of lemon is just enough to make your mouth water!  Topped with cookie sprinkles”

My candle had the cutest yellow sprinkles on the top, just like a real lemon cookie would have if you bought some at a bakery or store.  I really liked this scent.  Oh man did I like it!  Lemon!!  What more can be said?  I’ve never burned a lemon cookie fragrance before and loved the sweet cookie part mixed with lemon, it was very warm and inviting and my house smelled awesome!!  Now that I’ve had a taste of this yummy scent, I’m going to really start searching for lemon cookie everywhere I can.

I started out lighting two candles in my great-room but because the candles were small, they didn’t fare well and I ended up moving them downstairs to my family room.  My family room is still a good size room and I was actually able to get away with burning one candle instead of two.  Yummy scent folks!!  Every time I walked downstairs and got a whiff of this scent, I would say, Mmmm, that smells sooooooo good! It smelled just like a lemon sugar cookie and to me, was such an inviting and cozy scent to smell.  For you sugar cookie fans out there, this was a nice twist and something different.  I will definitely buy this fragrance again and I hope For Every Body never gets rid of it.



Lemon Crisp:

Here is the scent description for this fragrance:for every body candles,for every body,foreverybody,forevery body,for everybody candles,foreverybody candles,candles for everybody,candles for every body

“Warm and sweet straight from the oven, dusted with ‘powdered sugar.”

I liked this scent but not as much as Lemon Cookie.  The jars were the same size but I didn’t think the scent throw on this fragrance was as strong.  I either had to burn it in a smaller room or burn two at the same time in my family room to really smell anything.  This candle had sugar sprinkles on top and the picture on the label shows a lemon danish of some sort, it smelled good (very similar to lemon cookie), I just wished it would have had a stronger throw.



Lemon Cheesecake:

My Lemon Cheesecake jar is really cute with sugar sprinkles and a large lemon wedge sticking out of the top.  I love the look of For Every Body Lemon Cheesecake For Every Body Scented Candle Reviewcandles, they all look so adorable and are always decorated to match the scent very accurately.

There was no scent description on For Every Body’s website to go on but I think I had a pretty good idea what it should smell like. We’re talking cheesecake here, how many variations can there be? When I first smelled this candle, it smelled lemony good but I didn’t detect any cheesecake scent at all.  To be honest, it smelled pretty much like Lemon Crisp or Lemon Cookie.

I started out lighting two candles in my great-room and found they weren’t strong enough to fragrance that huge room. So, as with Lemon Cookie & Lemon Crisp, I ended up moving them down to my family room where the scent strength and throw was perfect. This is a very nice lemon scent but I’m still holding my opinion that it’s too close to Lemon Cookie or Lemon Crisp. There really isn’t must of a difference between the three.



Lemon Tree:

Here is another pretty and decorated candle. You would think after burning 3 lemon scents right in a row and starting a 4th, I would be sick ofLemon Tree Scented Candle from For Every Body
lemon, NOT!! We’re talking my all time favorite scent here. With that said, I personally thought this fragrance was just “okay” All four lemon scents smelled too alike in my opinion and out of all 4, this was my least favorite for some reason. What’s weird is it was the biggest candle out of the bunch, 16oz jars and I was burning two in my great-room which is usually plenty big. I think because it gave the weakest scent throw out of the bunch. It just didn’t have that lemony kick I found in the other three. Here is the scent description on For Every Body’s website:

“A light and invigorating scent that’s full of summer. Topped with ‘powdered’ sugar shavings.”

Light is accurate… this was a lightly scented candle. If I needed a lemon candle in a pinch, I would probably buy it again but I would wait till it was on sale.



candle-flameHow Did My Candles from For Every Body Burn?

My candles burned pretty good. The smaller candles burned all the way to the edges, no wasted wax. The 16oz candles were single wicked and it was a bit of a struggle getting a compete melt pool. It was doable though and they all burned pretty clean with the wicks trimmed.



Overall Opinion of My Lemon Candles from For Every Body:Lemon Scented Candle Review from For Every Body Candles

Burning four lemon candles was a piece of cake… I could burn this scent every day and never tire of it.

Lemon Cookie was my definite favorite out of all 4 candles. I would buy that scent again and again.

I have over a dozen For Every Body candles in my inventory I haven’t even burned yet so I guess it’s safe to say I do like this company. They aren’t in my top 5 but they have a great selection and are also readily available to purchase when you need a candle in a pinch so I do recommend this candle line. Ideally, I would go to a Kohl’s or a local store that carries this brand and let your sniffer decide since it seems to be hit and miss with these candles. They have some great summer fragrances out right now so now’s the time to check em out.

Happy candle shopping everyone.

~ Christina

Visit Kohl’s – an official retailer of For Every Body


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