London Calling Candle Review

London Calling Candle Bath & Body Works

by Christina Rylan

Bath & Body Works

14.5oz 3 wick candle

London Calling – Tea & lemon

Cost: $20.00

Scent Strength: Strong

Introduction to my review of London Calling from Bath & Body Works:

I have been SO blown away lately with Bath & Body Works candles! I can’t stop buying them… especially when they run their 2 for $22 sales. SCORE!!!

Bath & Body Works carries a few candle brands but the main two lines they carry are White Barn Candles and Slatkin Candles. I could spend hours in that store smelling all their different fragrances. It’s a candle lovers dream. The problem is, picking the few I want to walk away with… I’m unfortuntely limited to how many I can lug back to my car each trip or I’d buy the lot each and every time. And hey, if you can’t hit a store, no worries… you can shop from the convenience of your home online on their website. I do that quite often.

London Calling was an easy choice for me once I read the scent description. It’s pretty basic… Tea with lemon and sugar. I love lemon scents so this was an instant purchase. Looking at the label, it didn’t say whether this candle was White Barn or Slatkin… it simply just reads Bath & Body Works. It didn’t really matter… I was sold the moment I opened the lid.

What Did My London Calling Candle Look Like?London Calling Scented candle from Bath & Body Works

My candle is their 14.5oz 3 wick candle. The wax is a creamy white. The label on the face of the candle has a blue background with a picture of a telephone booth and Big Ben in London. The lid is really pretty. It’s their standard shiny chrome lid but with an added sticker the size of the lid in a blue and white damask flock. Very pretty.

What Did My London Calling Candle Smell Like?

Oh man, I am in love with this scent! It’s totally my cup of tea (pun intended.) When I first saw this candle on B&B Works website, I bypassed it with no thought. I ended up going back to read all the scent descriptions and nabbed two right away. Now I wish I would have bought more. Lemon Tea and Sugar? HELLO!!! I love anything and everything lemon so I knew I wanted this one without even smelling it. London Calling Scented candle from Bath & Body WorksWanted to note – I can’t find this candle on Bath & Body Works website as of this week so maybe they temporarily pulled it from there site but I know it’s available in all their stores. I hope it gets re-listed on their website because I want more. This scent is amazing and strong! It really does smell like sweet lemon tea but more of an iced tea than hot. LOVE IT!!!! You can distinctly smell all three elements and they’re blended perfectly. And wow is the scent throw on this candle strong. I started smelling the fragrance the moment I lit it. Within minutes, the scent traveled through my large bedroom and now beyond that. Perfect room saturating strength. I found myself taking deep breaths of this scent throughout the day.

Highly recommend London Calling if you love lemon scents. It’s amazing!

What Did My London Calling Candle Burn?

My candle burned perfect. Keep an eye on your wicks in the beginning and keep them trimmed. I did notice halfway down the candle, the wicks taper down to a low burning flame but the candle still burned fine. Clean burn with no wasted wax.

Closing To My Review:

I am so beyond impressed with this seasons Bath & Body Works candles. They burn like a dream!! If you’re an avid candle lover, you know for awhile, they were having drowning wick issues with pretty much all their candles. The scents were great but burn performance was not the greatest. That issue seems to be resolved. These candles burn perfect, are unique and man are they strong. At least the ones I’ve tried so far.The best time to purchase these candles is when Bath & Body Works is having a 2 for $22 sale. That makes these candles super affordable. They’re actually having a sale right now so if you were on the fence, mozy on over and check them out. Lots of yummy scents to choose from.

Highly recommend London Calling for lemon lovers. It’s awesome!! You’ll just have to purchase this scent in a store, not online. Don’t know why that is.

Happy candle burning!

~ Christina

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