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Crosscreek Country Candles – Scented Wax Melts Review

Crosscreek Country Candles Pumpkin Log


Bakery Wax Melts from Cross Creek Country Candles

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Crosscreek Country Candles – now closed

Type: Grubby Gourmet Tarts

Scents: Pumpkin Log, Cinnamon Roll, & Gingerbread Village

Cost: $4.75 for 8 tarts

cent Strength: Well fragranced



Intro to My Crosscreek Country Candles Review…

Crosscreek Country Candles is one of my favorite online stores to purchase melts from. LOVE this company!! They sell a few candle styles but their main bread and butter are melts… lots and lots of glorious and wonderful smelling melts in a ton of different shapes and sizes. I love when large varieties are offered and this store totally delivers.  Love Crosscreek!

Deana, the owner of Crosscreek is super nice, answers questions right away and even gives you her opinions before you even have to ask.  I can’t tell you how many times I went to place an order and she’d email back saying, “nah, don’t get that scent, you’ll like this much better” and she has always been right on the money!  Every single thing I’ve bought from her I continue to buy…it’s been that awesome.

Now, how many scents does she carry?  Her scent list is well over 400!!!  Is that a scent list or what? Yes, it can be overwhelming to some but I love shopping on sites with a huge scent list. I love choice and a huge one when possible. You might not be able to buy everything on your wish list the first time around but you can certainly fit a variety in a flat rate box. It also likely insures you’ll be back for more later. Especially once you start melting everything. FUN!! now on to my review….



How Did My Melts from Crosscreek Smell? 

Pumpkin Log:Pumpkin log

I bought this scent on a whim and am so glad I did… I love it!!  Scent description:

“Pecans, cinnamon, cream cheese and vanilla blended with rich pumpkin”

See the picture to the right? Yum right? *That* is this scent dead on! I’m always on the search for a good pumpkin scent and the problem I have is that many different versions have clove in it.  I don’t care for clove, or I should say it doesn’t care for me… it gives me headaches.  Pumpkin bread scents are the hardest to find because the majority I’ve tried have clove.

Crosscreek’s Pumpkin Log is as close as I’m ever going to get to pumpkin bread and I’m perfectly content with that.  I am in love with this scent!  The whole mixture is wonderful… creamy, bakery and full of fresh baked warmth.  I can smell all the ingredients and to me, it smells just what I would imagine pumpkin bread to smell like.  The scent throw is medium plus.  One tart fragrances multiple rooms and is a nice rich and warm scent to me.  Very yummy and one I’ve already bought twice and will continue to purchase again and again!



Cinnamon Roll:

Candlefinders, this is my ultimate bakery scent. It’s hands down THE best cinnamon roll scent I’ve ever tried and it’s going to be super duper hard cinnamon rollto beat!  Here is the scent description:

“You will think you have freshly baked cinnamon rolls ready to take right out of the oven!!!! Topped off with vanilla frosting… mmm mmm good!”

You truly will think you’re baking cinnamon rolls in the oven. It’s an amazing and realistic scent. I don’t know what Deana (owner of Crosscreek) does to this scent but whatever it is, it’s incredible. It’s SO delicious, rich and moist, you want to take bites out of the air to ingest more of this incredible scent.  It’s THAT good!!  The bakery part is amazing and I swear it smells like you have your nose in the oven to smell it baking.

The scent throw is very strong and travels far.  I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this fragrance and have already bought hoards of it so I always have some on hand.  This fragrance is cinnamon roll heaven and the best around.  Totally try this one!



Gingerbread Village:

I love gingerbread scents and am always on the lookout for different versions.  Gingerbread Village was a recommendation from Deana and again, I’m so glad I listened to her because this scent is absolutely incredible!  Here is the scent description:

“A delicious warm gingerbread mixed with nutmeg and rich spices topped with a dollop of whipped cream”Review of Grubby Gourmet Tarts from Crosscreek Country Candles

This scent gets a definite two thumbs up!  It has now become my favorite gingerbread scent. The spicy note is perfect (not too strong but just right) and filled my house with warm bakery flavors that a bakery lover simply can’t resist.  I love gingerbread scents and this version seemed on the sweeter side rather than spicy… I liked that!  It reminded me of baking something and when it’s halfway done, opening the oven door to the fragrance of cooking dough that’s hot and still gooey!  Yum-yum-yum!!  And let’s not forget the whipped cream element. Ycould smell that note loud and clear as well. I highly recommend this one as it is not your average gingerbread.



Closing Remarks:

I absolutely adore this company and I owe it all to Dawn who encouraged me to order!  Crosscreek has become one of my “go to” sites for scented melts. Review of Grubby Gourmet Tarts from Crosscreek Country Candles

I’ve tried tons of scents from Crosscreek and every one has been strong and true to description.  This is a store for the avid tart lover… there is so much to choose from with an incredible scent list to boot!

Crosscreeks website is very easy to nagivate with all her products in all the right categories making shopping a breeze. Just plan on spending some serious time there checking it all out.

So far, my favorite tarts are the grubby gourmet tarts… I love the look of them and man oh man are they fragrant!  I’ve also tried a ton of clamshell tarts which I liked too.  Totally give this company a try and definitely try their bakery scents.  I don’t know what it is or how Deana does it but her bakery scents are super warm and full of bakery goodness that totally captivates you.

Prices are out of this world and super reasonable!!  Deana uses flat rate boxes to ship and is just a doll to shop with.  Can you tell I like this company?  Deana always includes freebies too.  For every $10.00 you spend, she includes a free tart with each order.  So, if your total comes to $40.00, she’ll include 4 extra tarts in your order. I’ve received some great scents I would never have tried that way.

Definitely give Crosscreek a try.  This site is definitely in my top 5 favorites.

Happy melting!

~ Christina

Crosscreek Country Candles is now closed. We’re super sad. 🙁 – leaving this review up for reference and in case they ever re-open.

Have you tried scented wax melts from Crosscreek Country Candles? Review and rate them with us… it’s easy. Post your review and star rating in the comment section below.

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