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  1. Nene's has one called Coastal Breeze that is sooo nice!! Whenever I order from her I order a ton. Also, like cyn mentioned, Beach Front from Nene's is also very nice. I love all ocean scents, too and would love to try some of the recomendations!
  2. I melted the Autumn Apple yesterday and it is really nice, it smells just like YC Macintosh. What I love about these, they are $1.50 each, (cheaper with coupons of course) BUT you break them in half as it says in the directions, so really .75 a tart ain't bad if they smell nice and strong! I have Vanilla Coconut in now and it's really nice too!
  3. Cisley, I use the boxed mainstays tealights from wal-mart, too. I love them! Have you tried the tarts from B&BW? I decided to get a few over the weekend and I will try some today!
  4. Thanks you guys! I'm glad to hear that you like them. I also have the 20% coupon so I think I'll go ahead and get some tonight :?
  5. I buy the box of Mainstays from Walmart just like Jason does. They are $1.50 a box and have a nice flame and decent burn time, obviously not as long as more expensive ones, but I have been pretty happy with these!
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  7. Hi! Welcome to the forum! I hope you and your kids are feeling better!!
  8. Welcome to the forum!!! Glad to have you here!
  9. Welcome to the forum, so glad to have you here!
  10. Sorry I'm late on the welcome, glad to have you here!
  11. Hi Michelle, welcome to the group!!!
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