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  1. Cottage breeze, lavender, citrus h/0
  2. Grape Soda from Makes Scents and it is super strong and spot on!
  3. Just got my order in yesterday from UptheCreek. Got an 8 ounce scoopable wax in lemon marshallow serendipity bread. Said I was going to let it cure for atleast 2 weeks but I could not resist. Brought it to work to test it and it is just ok right now. Hope it will get stronger in time.
  4. Vanilla Woods is one of my favorites from ScentSationals!
  5. love that one and lemon mallow bread. so many I want to try from FP!
  6. Whipped Cream and Honeydew from Can-Do. It just doesn't get any better than this!
  7. Melting a tart from my first order from Sniff my tarts. This one is Lemon Sugar and it smells super strong cold but I brought it to work (very small closed up office) to test it out and it is giving off pretty much nothing. :(
  8. Sugared Honeydew and Kiwi from Better Homes and Gardens. LOVE IT!
  9. Must Rave about this amazing "Special Moments" scented tart from ScentSationals. It is sparkling orange and sunlit meadow and it is super strong. I only used one little square! I am so excited about all these new scents from ScentSationals. Feel like I am really getting the bang for my buck!
  10. I have 3 small dogs too but they will lay right there with you until you get up. Today is "roses" all over the house from sweet aroma scents. Everything I have ever gotten from her has been super strong and ready to melt.. The prices are fabulous too!
  11. Spa from scentsationals all over the house and it is wonderful! I am so happy that the tarts are so strong because I can run down to walmart and get tons for such a great price. love this green scent! i got some really good ones from wahms a few months ago. they were cute and super strong.
  12. has anyone tried Shelabbys? www.shelabbys.com
  13. What do you think of those Spotted Hog tarts? That is the one place that has been on my list of vendors to order from for several years now and I just can't bring myself to do it because they are so high.
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