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  1. Thursday morning YC honey clementine and Tuscadero's Macintosh Apple.
  2. Starting today with Haley's Apple peel Noel. It's one of my favorites that she offered. Do ya'll know if anyone plans to take over her business?
  3. Starting the week with K's blackberry cake! Congrats to your son Aria, on graduating and entering the Navy!
  4. Debra, it's a really good scent, but I think it has been discontinued. I am melting dragon's blood from an unknown vendor.
  5. You got that right Aria! Starting this Tuesday with Febreze geranium bamboo!
  6. Thanks Debra! Overnight melt was YC catching the Rays! K's Kreations has katch em while you kan tarts on sale.
  7. I just placed a rather large order with OPT. Anyone know of any other Memorial Day sales? Yankee is having one, but I no longer buy their tarts.
  8. Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I am melting Scentsationals spice it up! That is great news about Olde Primitive Treasures.
  9. Melting Haley's apple orchard..sad because I don't have many of hers left.
  10. Glade coconut and freesia water on another rainy day!
  11. Afternoon melt on a rainy Tuesday...Wilma's fallen leaves.
  12. Starting Sunday morning with OPT country berry flapjacks!
  13. I'm continuing Haley's black cherry amaretto from yesterday. It's really strong!
  14. I am so sorry about Janet. I ordered from her so many times I felt like I knew her. I hope that someone will take over her business.
  15. I am beginning the morning with YC brandy pear tart and Haley's granma's funnel cake.
  16. Happy Mother's Day! I'm melting Glade Rosemary sage.
  17. It looked like a spur of the moment decision to me.
  18. I was really surprised that Crosscreek closed.
  19. Friday morning...Scentsationals Apple pumpkin muffins...can't get enough of this one.
  20. HI Aria good to see you! i am melting Haley's apple orchard. It's a strong authentic scent.
  21. Thankfully, we have had a couple cool days. I am melting Scentsationals vanilla woods.
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