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  1. Hey Cat, I live in Arkansas and I have a local vender here that I LOVE.....Holly's Dazzling Designs. She has lots RTS wax and they are wonderful. Also she just opened a Youtube and tiktok channel to see what she has and I think you'd love this vender...I do. Melting: Watermelon Lemonade - HDD (trying to hurry up summer!)
  2. Good to see ya too....work as kept me busy and I've not been able to post. YES...Holly is AWESOME. Check out her Facebook also, this is where she announces all her new stuff. What I love about her is that she does a lot of the B&BW line and has some exact dupes. She just posted last week that she opened a booth in the Branson Mill there in Branson, MO. Her melts and candles last longer than any other I've tried and great throw also. She just purchased a candle company that did votive candles...so she'll be adding them to her line up. I can't wait for her scents in votive's.
  3. Where has the time gone??? I can't believe it's already September!!!! This year really flew by. Been burning a Lavender Escape candle from Holly's Dazzling Designs....WOW LOVE IT! I'll be melting one of my all time favorites from Holly....Vanilla Pound Cake...what a scent monster, LOVE IT TOO!!
  4. It's already March!!!??? Time is flying! Hope everyone has a great month! Melting: Caribbean Salsa- Holly's Dazzling Designs
  5. MaggieMa: That's my little baby "Attie" and she's everything around here. She's also the inspector when my hauls hit the door. The routine is she has to make sure the USPS person stays in line through a small series vicious barks, growls and snarls (cujo style)...it's a real spectacle...and then it takes about 10 minutes of sniffing before she'll leave the box alone. I guess for her the box has more interesting smells than the melting that goes on. I'm a huge Van Halen fan along with just about any 80s hair band. The look on the avatar is what I get from her during one of my 80s rewind moments (which is anytime music is playing haha)...it's like...Let it go!! Melting: Pecan Waffles / by Holly's Dazzling Designs
  6. Hi everyone...I hope everyone is going to get the upcoming 3day weekend. During this time off I'll drag out my box of wax to do a little inventory so I can burn off some of the older ones I have. With the long weekend I should be able to dwindle it down a bit. I'm planning to do some cleaning during an 80s music marathon (lots of Van Halen of course)..haha...and I might just sneak in a classic love story movie like Smokey and the Bandit. Melting: Krispie Cereal Bar / HDD
  7. Oh no, I've ordered a lot from them.....loved the snifin' stix's. I hate to see a good vendor close, if the one I found here local did I'd have to get grief counseling. Tonight Melting: Caribbean Teakwood
  8. Hi all, I just got back home yesterday and thought I was going to be delayed a little from the snow in Denver (ready for spring), it was very refreshing to get back home and start melting again. There's nothing like getting home and smelling Vanilla Buttercream Crunch after being packed in an airplane and smelling the buffet of aromas that are generally on board an aircraft!
  9. Got my new haul in the mail today and started melting Paris Sweets (BBW Dup of Sweet on Paris)...oh how I've missed that one and I can't wait to use my forever red room spray. I really need to get professional help for my scent addiction!!! haha
  10. Arkansas is a beautiful place....hopefully all the slick spots are gone while your here. You'll have to get down to Hot Springs if you have time. If you go there's a few must see's: Bathhouse Soapy: LOVE THIS PLACE Fat Bottomed Girls Cupcakes They are on Bathhouse row....you won't be disappointed. Melting Spearmint Vanilla today
  11. Thank you very much...I love talking everything scent.
  12. Holly's Dazzling Designs has a dup on it called Campfire Marshmallows, it is just like BBW Marshmallow Fireside. I melt that also a lot...and cheaper...that's what I'm looking for also...haha
  13. Happy New Year Everyone, Melted some clams from Holly's Dazzling Designs and BBW Candles over the last week and weekend... Campfire Donuts and Marshmallow Fireside is so far my fav from BBW Holly's: Lavender Dreams- Oh, Love this one Sunday Morning Coffee- REALLY GOOD ONE! Spearmint & Vanilla- Really good too Can't wait to get my order in for her Sweet Dreams Room Spray...Sweet Dreams is by far one of my favorite scents to melt year round.
  14. Melting Fudge Brownie and Campfire Marshmallows it's the perfect mix
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