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  1. Melting Happy Crab Wax's Caramel Pop, its a warm popcorn and caramel blend. Sooo good, clearly I'm ready for fall
  2. I do! I love fall scents, especially pumpkin and caramel scents!! Winter scents usually have pine, cinnamon, or peppermints which are all smells I can't stand! The person below me loves cherry scents
  3. Thanks so much for your kind welcome! :)
  4. Good morning everyone! Today I'm melting my (kai of happiness) Caramel Corn scent shot and it smells so good, it's 7am and I'm already like: I melted cinnamon rolls the other day to test it out since it is one of my new fall scents...it was such a great scent although I personally hate cinnamon (scents and flavors). It took over my house within minutes of melting and I had to turn it off shortly after because it was becoming too much cinnamon for me lol. If you are someone that likes/loves cinnamon, it would be the perfect scent for you! -Rhianna from Kai of Happiness :)
  5. Hello everyone! I just recently joined this forum to talk about candles and my favorites-wax melts! I recently just started my own business making and selling soy wax candles and wax melts so I figured this would be a good place not only to reach out to others who also like my products but to learn some tips, tricks and hacks to the candle/wax world! If anyone is interested in knowing about my business, it can be found on instagram under Kaiofhappiness and also online at kaiofhappiness.com ...you can also just ask me here once i figure it out better lol
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