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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. spicy eggnog bread caashmere or amber?
  2. Philosophy is sending out emails with mystery savings codes. I have a 30% off code I am not going to use. If someone wants it just reply to this thread and I will post it so you can use it. :)
  3. The gingerbread maple sounds amazing I think they are definitely differents scents. I went in Yankee to smell it but my store didn't have it in yet. Since you are into gingerbread scents do you have a Homegoods nearby? They have a lot of Yankee holiday scents in and have a Yankee candle gingerbread which has the cutest packaging. (It has a picture of snowman, santa, and gingerbread)
  4. Not into spicy scents was hoping for a sweet bakery type scent. I appreciate the suggestions!
  5. http://www.voluspa.com/ dahlia orange bloom ambre lumiere pomegranate patchouli
  6. http://www.tylercandles.com/fragrances.htm dolce vita High Maintenance Original
  7. https://woodlandcandles.com/ Patchouli & Amber Patchouli Vanilla Sensual Amber (type)
  8. http://www.madelineislandcandlecompany.com grant's point woods hall ice road
  9. http://store.lelabofragrances.com/en/
  10. http://www.astierdevillatte.com/
  11. http://www.welcomehome-candles.com/
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