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    326 W 9th St , Tracy, California 95376, United States

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    Agapé Candles are hand poured in California, using only the finest fragrance and essential oils. You won’t find any dyes or wax additives in them, just 100% pure, soy bean wax that is derived from American soil. Our wicks are lead-free and made with a cotton core so you get a good, clean burn each time.
    Our fragrances and candle collection is worldly inspired and eco-friendly with our reusable vessels. Every candle scent has intention behind it to create an atmosphere within your home that is both unique and inviting.

    So, what is Agapé? It is about loving and embracing one another, simply because they are a being. Within the Christian faith It is used to describe the unconditional and pure love that God has for his Children. Agapé is also one of the 4 Greek words for love (storge, philia, eros, and agapé).

    This isn’t just a candle, it’s Apothecary for the Soul.

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    Agapé Candles
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