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    From the 1133 Candle Company website: We make Christian Lifestyle Candles with 100% soy wax to refresh your home and strengthen your faith! Our family business is based on Luke 11:33 and we are located in Lakewood CA.

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    Note From Candlefind:

    We absolutely love 1133 Candle Company! Run as a family business, this crew takes great care in the products that they send and are heartfelt on their mission. They have a limited selection of fragrances, but there is enough variety to find something for just about everyone.

    Our favorite fragrances are Aruba Coconut, Love Is Kind, and Cucumber Sea Salt. Love Is Kind is a rose-scented candle that is realistic and amazing. The wax melts come in fun shapes and sizes, all in a pretty printed cello bag tied with a bow. There are travel tin candles for those on the go. They do offer large, two-wick candles for those needing to scent larger spaces.

    1133 Candle Company does offer a loyalty program, which is an added bonus for doing repeat business with them. We recommend signing up for the newsletter, as you’re then in on their 20% Tuesday specials, as well as other promotions and giveaways that might not be announced directly on the website.

    1133 Candles Candle Directory Listing
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