Coconut Vacay ScentSationals Wax Melt ReviewCoconut Vacay

by Christina Rylan

Brand: ScentSationals

Scent: Coconut Vacay

Type: 2.5oz Clamshell Melts

Price: $2.00

These melts were purchased at Walmart


First impression of Coconut Vacay:

Coconut Vacay is a limited addition scent from ScentSationals and boy was it super summery and fresh. The little blurb on the label says – Soak up the sun.”  Doesn’t really tell you much but I will say this… the moment I smelled the wax, a burst of fresh coconut and something I couldn’t quite pinpoint greeted my nose. It didn’t really smell like a tropical drink but it also wasn’t your average coconut scent either.  I was definitely intrigued.



I used the entire clamshell pack (3 cubes each) in two electric melters in my great room. Once melting, it took minutes before I started noticing the aroma and… holy wow!! Loved it! The picture on the label shows a tropical drink against an ocean backdrop but I didn’t think this fragrance smelled like a tropical coconut drink at all. To me, it smelled like coconut and lemongrass which are two scents I love combined. I don’t even know if lemongrass is in this scent but I swear that’s what I smelled. Sweet and creamy coconut with fresh lemongrass. LOVED IT!!

Strength – I would rate these melts a 10 out of 10 across the board in any size room. Huge room filler and perfect!

If you love fresh coconut scents, definitely check out this scent next time you’re at a Walmart store. I’m definitely going back for more – for sure! Also, don’t  forget this is a limited addition scent from ScentSationals so if you wanted to give it a try, don’t wait too long. These limited addition scents are only around for a few months and then they’re gone.

Happy melting!

~ Christina

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Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 5/5
Strength: 5/5

Overall rating: 5/5

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