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ScentSationals is line of wickless candle products (wax and wax warmers) manufactured by Rimports (USA) LLC, a Utah-based manufacturing/distributing company that specializes in home-run products for mass market distribution.

These melts can be found at Walmart stores across the country as well as a huge variety of other retail grocery and gift stores.

A Note From CandlefindWe like the concept of the Cotton Candy Clouds wax melts, but the scent is too light for our liking. It smells like a sweet, sugary scent that may work well for someone who is looking...
A Note From CandlefindThe Pumpkin Apple Muffins wax melts from ScentSationals are a keeper, candle lovers! A must have, over and over again this fall and winter. It is a delectable fall fragrance. The cold sniff yields mostly...
A delightful vanilla cookie scent that is perfect year-round!
Spicy pumpkin bread deliciousness but without the 'mallow!
These super delicious wax melts smell like yummy candle apples...but no spice!