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ScentSationals is line of wickless candle products (wax and wax warmers) manufactured by Rimports (USA) LLC, a Utah-based manufacturing/distributing company that specializes in home-run products for mass market distribution.

These melts can be found at Walmart stores across the country as well as a huge variety of other retail grocery and gift stores.

The Guava Peach wax melts from ScentSationals were fun, fruity, and strong. We did find one key scent note our full review to find out!
The Wilber wax warmer from ScentSationals is fun, functional, and oh-so cute! We put this wax warmer to the test and here are our thoughts.
A bit perfumey with ozone and floral notes, this was a relaxing scent that perfumed the air and lasted even after the warmer was turned off.
Fresh, calming, green, and slightly sweet. Cactus Garden was a relaxing scent that would make a great spa day friend.
This Limited Edition from Scentsationals smelled like warm, gooey cake - strong & delicious!