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Archipelago Botanicals

The Art of Living Well

  • 2440 E. 38th Street | Los Angeles, CA

At Archipelago we create products that bring luxury and comfort to your home while helping you relax from your busy schedule. We draw inspiration from numerous botanicals and use care in our selection of premium ingredients. Our candles and reed diffusers are available in an array of enticing fragrances derived from essential oils and that’s only part of the story: our gentle bath and skin care formulations are loaded with powerful antioxidants to help keep skin looking and feeling healthy and vibrant.


Aloha Bay


In 1993, Aloha Bay began manufacturing and wholesaling hand dipped paraffin tapers, painted with palm wax. Now discontinued, these beautiful tapers proved to be very popular in the gift industry. In 1997, we developed the first 100% Palm Wax™ votives and richly scented jar candles.

Hollow Tree Candles

Hollow Tree Candle Co.

  • New York, New York

At Hollow Tree We love our scented Beeswax candles; however sometimes there's no substitute for Pure Raw Beeswax. Our Yellow Wax is sourced from a local Apiary and hand filtered just enough to to remove impurities yet preserve that natural aroma we all love. As with all of our candles this contains a custom made flat braided cotton wick for a perfect burn every time. No Additives Necessary! From unscented to scented Hollow Tree's Got you covered.

Flamme Candle Co

Flamme Candle Company


    Flamme: Modern sophisticated style: when the look of typical glass jar candles doesn't impress you. This modern matte glass candle jar complements your decor with elegance and distinctiveness.