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Lighthouse Candles

**EDITOR'S NOTE: We are unable to access this website. We have removed the URL from this listing. If interested in ordering, try to use the email address instead. We will add the URL back if the website again becomes available.***
Lighthouse Aromatics was born after a frustrating couple of hours spent trawling the local shops trying to find a Tea Tree scented candle which didn’t contain paraffin-derived ingredients. We couldn’t find one, but when we finally did find a candle with a similar fragrance, the staff in the big chain store we found it in didn’t know if their candles contain paraffin or animal products and they didn’t know how to find out.
At Lighthouse Aromatics, we like to keep things simple. Our candles are made locally using natural plant wax. You also won’t find dyes, parabens, paraffin, or animal-derived ingredients in our candles. This means that our candles produces a good, clean burn with great fragrances that last long after the candle is extinguished. We also don’t use complex, fancy packaging, so when you buy a candle from us you know you’re paying for a quality candle and not the box it comes in.
When you really think about it, there’s nothing quite like a candle. They’re such simple things… a bit of wax, a bit of wick, some fragrance or essential oils and a bit of fire. Yet, when lit, a candle can become something wholly unique.
When a candle leaves the shelf in our store, it could be lit for meditation by someone trying to find inner strength and peace, or perhaps it’ll end up on the side of a bathtub when a hard-working mum is taking a well deserved, relaxing soak. It could sit between two people enjoying a romantic meal, or it could be wrapped up and given to a grandfather whose love for the smell of Blackberry & Apple crumble knows no bounds!
Maybe that candle was bought by someone who just likes to have candles lit when they’re chilling at home after a long day in the office. Perhaps by a family who like their house to smell like the bluebells in their garden, or maybe by someone who was transported back in time to a childhood holiday to the seaside when they curiously sniffed the Sea Salt candle on our shelf...
A bit of wax, wick, oil and fire becomes so much more depending on the person buying the candle and that’s why we love them. We love selling them, too, because each time we sell one of our beautifully botanical candles it’s like passing on a beacon of light, from our house to yours.

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