Bearhug Creations scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers

Bearhug Creations scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers


by Julia, added 6/7/10


Brand: Dinstincly Pink

Type: 10 ounce Apothecary Jar Candles

Fragrance: Rice Crispy Treats
Strawberry Jam
Raspberry Lemonade

Cost: $11.99

Scent Strength: Varied



Julia Wooten scented candle reviews,, the site for candle loversIntroduction to my review of scentes candles from Bearhug Creations:

Bearhug Creations has a charming website colored all in cream, pink and green. The faces behind Bearhug Creations are a Mother and Daughter team that share a passion for candle making and have turned their mutual hobby into a successful business. They have a storefront in Auburn, Indiana where they offer optional customer order pick up and in-store candle parties. For those of us who are too far from Indiana even for a day trip, there is this pretty website chock full of information about Bearhug Creations wide array of products, scents, store policies, payment options…you name it, chances are you’ll find your answers right there on the site. On the rare occasion you have other questions, Bearhug Creations is just an email away with a quick and friendly response.

I liked the look and feel of Bearhug Creations website. It gave me warm fuzzies when I zipped around the site and peeked at the wax dipped bears and the special Riley’s Children’s Candle that benefits a local Children’s Hospital with 100% of the candle’s profits being donated. The site is packed with information but is well organized and composed.




What did my candles from Bearhug Creations look like?

The 10 ounce jars were a standard looking clear round style with glass apothecary lids. These jars had good large mouths with ample room for the double wicks. Rice Crispy Treats was a light cream color. Strawberry Jam was light red and Raspberry Lemonade was a deeperBearhug Creations scented candle review,, the site for canle lovers mauve color. All of the colors were pretty and appropriate to each scent.

I wasn’t able to burn these jars immediately and the wax did frost some as time passed. This powdery hue on the tops disappeared as soon as I lit them and didn’t detract from the overall aesthetic of the candles once they were burning.

Each jar had a white paper label on the side with a little bee pictured on it, the Bearhug Creations logo and the scent name.





How did my candles from Bearhug Creatoins smell?

Rice Crispy Treats


From Bearhug Creations website:


“Smells like the popular recipe, with notes of vanilla, marshmallow, caramel, and butter. We are head over heels for this one!”

Can you hear the Snap, Crackle, and Pop? Sometimes the simplest recipes make the most scrumptious treats.

Making these simple snacks yourself at home puts the “treat” in Rice Crispy treats. If you’ve only had the premade store-bought kind, do try your hand at making them yourself. They taste 10 times as good freshly made. It’s really just a simple mix of melted butter and marshmallows, a splash of vanilla and what always seems like too many cups of rice cereal. Stirring it all together is the hardest part, but once theyRice Krispy Treats scented candle review from Bearhug Creations,, the site for candle lovers are pressed onto a cookie sheet and cut into squares, it’s go time… and go, they do!

Having made more than my fair share of Rice Crispy Treats, I was looking forward to smelling this treat without any of the cleanup. I expected a light scent from this one because of its very nature. Even the real treats are lightly scented to begin with.

This candle’s scent strength was as expected, naturally lighter than some other more potent scent choices might be, yet still noticeable and certainly enjoyable. The scent itself was quite nice. I could smell the marshmallow most clearly and vanilla too but not the butter. I would have liked to smell more of the butter since that is what makes a homemade Rice Crispy Treat taste and smell irresistible.

Overall, I enjoyed this scent. It had a pleasant, light bakery smell that worked in any room, even the bathroom… a room that rarely benefits from a bakery type scent.





Strawberry Jam


“Grandma’s fresh strawberry jam! So realistic to the real thing you’ll swear you’re smelling the seeds in it! Fresh picked, home grown!”

Strawberry jam is the second most popular fruit spread, bested only by grape jelly. I happen to prefer Strawberry over grape so in our house it is number one. I like those big impossible to spread, chunks of crushed strawberries mixed in the sweet sugary syrup… it makes me hungry just thinking about it.

I found out that the average child will eat about 1,500 PB&J sandwiches by high school graduation. That’s a lot of jam! Personally, I don’t even mess around with the peanut butter half the time… just straight strawberry jam. Finding this Strawberry JamStrawberry jam scented candle review from Bearhug Creations,, the site for candle lovers candle scent from Bearhug Creations was right up my alley.

This candle was bright and sweet. It didn’t smell exactly like jam right out of the jar to me, but I enjoyed the pleasant sweet fruit scent. The scent had simple notes… nothing complex. Right up close I could catch the sugary strawberry jam scent, but when I stood back away from the jar, I just got a vague but nice fruit scent. It was hard to tell which berry I was smelling unless I was close to the wax.

The candle itself burned really well, so even though this scent was not as Strawberry-ish as what I had hoped for, it looked good and smelled strong so I would certainly try other fragrances.





Raspberry Lemonade

“Cool down on a hot summer day with our refreshing Raspberry Lemonade! Bursting with notes of sun ripened raspberries and freshly squeezed lemons! This fragrance will knock you off your lawn chair!”

I saved the best for last. From the initial cold sniff to the last drops of melted wax, this candle had what it takes for a great candle scent. Raspberry Lemonade scented candle review,, the site for candle loversThis candle scent smelled the strongest to my nose. It was like BAM!… Raspberry!…  and POW!…  lemonade! It was fruity and zippy and reminded me of everything great about Summertime. I could smell this scent day and night and still not get tired of it. Raspberry Lemonade wasn’t overly sweet…it was just right with that slight twang of pucker power.

My whole family liked this scent the most. I’ve got a bunch of fruit fans in the house, and this Raspberry Lemonade was a crowd pleaser.

No matter which room I put this candle in, it filled the space… even in my largest open living and dining area of the house. It wasn’t overly complex, but with this scent, the simplicity worked in its favor. It was pure berry, citrus delight.





How did my candles from Bearhug Creations burn?

All three of these candles had double wicks placed close together. The wick size and placement created a nice big melt pool quickly that lent to the scent strength. I think I’m becoming partial to doubleCandles burning wicks… I just really like the extra heat in the jar candles.

There was some minor frosting on the wax before I burned these candles, which gave me the impression that I should burn these sooner rather than later. It did not detract from the scent and after the first burn, the candle color was normal.

The wicks burned clean with minimal trimming.




Closing to my review…

I enjoyed checking out Bearhug Creations. They have tons of products from candles, melts, reed diffusers and wax dipped bears, along with plenty of bath and body items.

There are about 50 scents to choose from, and they have a new “Clunkers for Candles” program that lets you trade in anotherBearhug Creations scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers companies candle clunker for 25% off your entire order. This program has some guidelines so be sure to check their website for rules.

Since I also like to use bath and body products, I tried a couple of Bearhug Creations cold process soaps. Look for my review of Bearhug Creations soaps at Don’t forget to sign up for the Bathandbodyfind newsletter to have reviews delivered right to your inbox.


Happy candle smelling!


~ Julia


Please note that Bearhug Creations has a new name called Distinctly Pink. A cute new website with the same great scents as Bear Hug Creations.

Visit Distinctly Pink

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