Did you think we’d let National Chocolate Cake Day go by without a mention of candles??? No way! If we’ve touted the best pie scented candles for National Pie Day, we would be irresponsible candle reporters if we didn’t list our favorite chocolate cake candles on this glorious day. Sit back and let your imagination run wild with our top chocolate scented candles!

Chocolate Lava Cake, Bath & Body Works

A Scrumptious Chocolate Cake with a Gooey Cocoa Center topped with a Powdered Sugar Dusting.

While I thought this candle might be “too chocolatey” (is there such a thing??), it actually was quite delicious. The chocolate is just creamy enough and sweet enough – and man, is this candle scent strong! While you can’t get it on the B&BW site anymore, you can find it on Amazon.

Happy Birthday, Dio Candle Company

Birthdays are meant to be decadent, like rich chocolate cake and double fudge icing! Celebrate your birthday in all the chocolatey goodness one candle can pack!

This chocolate cake scented candle has it all – rich, moist chocolate cake notes and thick, buttery fudge icing. Yum! You can personalize this candle for your loved ones’ birthday, too!

Chocolate Cake, Good Spirits Candle Co.

Chocolate covered hazelnuts & creamy vanilla with a hint of lemon

If you don’t like too much chocolate, you can opt for something like Chocolate Cake from Good Spirits Candle Co. Their version carries just a bit of a lemon twist and the creaminess of hazelnut. It is absolutely divine and worth a try.

Chocolate Layer Cake, Yankee Candle

The scrumptious layering of cocoa and chocolate mousse is pure decadence.

Chocolate Layer Cake from Yankee Candle has some vanilla in the mix that makes it very creamy and smooth. They list fruity notes in the scent profile, but we don’t detect those. Still, it’s a great chocolate scent and one that is a bit milder and won’t give you that burnt-chocolate-on-the-stove smell.

Sea Salt & Cocoa Bean, Sugar Belle

Rich cocoa bean mixed with buttered caramel and a hint of patchouli. A little bit of sugar and soft musk finishes off this fantastic chocolate scent.

Yeah, we’re cheating a bit here but this chocolate candle is just too good not to include. If you want a bit more exotic to your chocolate candle, look no further than Sea Salt & Cocoa Bean from Sugar Belle. It’s just rich and chocolatey enough to make you think there is a cake baking in the oven. Hang around for the earthy patchouli and buttery caramel. It’s oh…so…good.

That’s our collection of the best chocolate scented candles you can buy right now to help you fully celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day. Don’t worry…these candles will be around for a long time, so you can enjoy them any day of the year!

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