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Happy National Pie Day! A day of celebration of all things pie. Around here, of course, the first thing we think about is a candle or two. Well…maybe it’s not the first thing…but it’s sure darn close. We thought we’d take today to offer up our suggestions on some of the best pie-scented candles you can find!

Pumpkin Pie, Pure Integrity

pumpkin pie brown candle with wooden lid from pure integrity
Oven baked to perfection! What a treat this homemade pumpkin pie with a hint of cinnamon and spices is. A masterfully combined warm, pleasing, absolutely delicious scent.

Hands down, this is one of our favorite pie-scented candles of all times. Heck, it’s one of our favorite candles of all times! You can not only smell the creamy pumpkin, but you can also smell the flakey, buttery crust and it is oh…so…good! In fact, we have this one burning right now!

Blueberry Pie, Our Own Candle Company

Smells like fresh blueberry pie straight from the oven

If it’s something a little more sweet you’re after, look for this Blueberry Pie candle from Our Own Candle Company. Not only is the candle color beautiful, the scent throw is amazing and downright delicious! This one will have you hankering for a slice of blueberry pie, for sure!

Key Lime Pie, Flickering Wicks

It has a refreshing scent of key lime pie that will fill the room with refreshing lime scent.

Sometimes you need to take your pie on the road. No judgements here. If you are needing some pie goodness while traveling, pick up this divinely scented Key Lime Pie candle from Flickering Wicks. This candle has just the right amount of tartness and creamy goodness to make you think you’ve got the real thing.

Cherry Pie, Candlelit Desserts

While we admit this candle made our list based on the cuteness factor, it actually has a really great scent, too! The smell of cherries is strong but not too overpowering, with just the right amount of crust notes. Yum!

Pecan Pie, Madison Valley Candle

Pecan Pie
These soy candles feature nutty pecans blended with the delicious flavors of vanilla, brown sugar and warm spice to make a simple down-home, fresh baked treat you’re sure to love.

So thick, heavy, and delicious, you’ll want to dig your fork right into the wax! The Pecan Pie candle from Madison Valley Candle is a syrupy treat with a super clean burn that lasts a long time.

There you have it! Our round-up of the 5 best pie scented candles around. Grab you a big slice of pie and get to shopping. Happy National Pie Day!

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