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Shining The Light On: August Moon Candles

Shining the candle spotlight on a New York based company, August Moon Candles!

Shining the Light on August Moon Candles

While we view all candlemaking as a form of art, some like to distinguish their craft with an even more artistic flair with some highly decorative candles. This leads us to our focus today with this August Moon Candles review!

A Closer Look at August Moon Candles

Nyah Beaulieu is the owner of August Moon Candles, located in the great state of New York. Nyah is very artistic and using creating candles as her outlet. It helps relieve her stress and affords us the joy of her beautiful creations…a win-win! Her candles and wax melts are designed in such a way to be representative of the scent notes inside. It’s amazing to think about the amount of time and effort this must take!

August Moon Candles Rose Candles

Products Offered

As of this August Moon Candles review, the company offers both candles and wax melts. The jar candles have embeds that reflect the scent notes included. When choosing your candle, you are able to select the primary color to help personalize it more. The company also offers a variety of other candle types, such as gel candles, floating candles, and seashell candles. The wax melts are presented in various shapes depending on the scent.

Product Reviews

We tested a large jar candle in the scent Magnolia, a large Rose wax melt, some Green Sea Spa wax melts, and a Clover floating wax melt. We’re noting our initial thoughts below, and will be following up with full reviews for each individual item in the near future.

August Moon Candles Tool Wax Melts

Rose Garden Collection – Rose Wax Melt

August Moon Rose Soy Wax Melts

The large rose wax melt was a beautiful thing to behold! It was huge (3 1/2 x 3 inches) and incredibly detailed. The scent description is just Rose fragrance. It smelled like a freshly cut rose on cold sniff. Melting this one was pure bliss…it smelled just dewy soft rose petals without being too floral or in-your-face. I could also smell just a hint of green notes to round out the scent profile. The scent was moderately strong and long-lasting.

Rose Garden Collection – Magnolia Candle

I also burned the Magnolia candle for this August Moon Candle review. It was a lovely two-tone candle with several rose wax embeds on top, complete with leaves. The candle was two wicked and burned beautifully! I loved that as the wax melted, the coloring of the leaves also melted into the top layer of my wax melt pool, creating a stunning effect. I took the rose embeds out and placed them in a separate wax warmer for a bonus level of scent. The scent was full and lightly fragranced with the typical white floral notes. I was able to fragrance a medium sized room well with this candle.

August Moon Rose Garden Candle Magnolia

Clover Floating Candle

August Moon Clover Votive Candle

I don’t use many floating candles, so this one was fun to use. The floating candles are actually 100% beeswax. My candle was shaped as a shamrock. It smelled mostly like beeswax to me (the slightly sweet honey notes), so I believe my candle was unscented. I floated it in a bowl and enjoyed the beauty of it for quite a while. The candle had a clean burn and floated well.

Green Sea Spa Melt

My absolute favorite products for this August Moon Candle review were the green sea spa wax melts. They were adorable wax melts with a seashells on top. I just used one in my warmer and was met with just a beautiful, relaxing fragrance! It was a little perfume-y and had some distinct ozone notes. These wax melts were strong and lasted a super duper long time!

August Moon Green Sea Spa Wax Melts

Overall Impression of August Moon Candles

4 Stars

Overall, we were impressed while doing this August Moon Candles review. The candles and wax melts are beautiful works of art and they smell great, too! We love that you are able to personalize your candles a bit by choosing your colors and whether you want your creations scented or unscented. The scent strengths we found ranging from light to strong, so there is something for just about everyone here. These candles and wax melts would make wonderful and impressive gifts, that’s for sure.

Their candles & wax melts can be purchased on Etsy.

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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