Otis & Leaf Candle ReviewOtis & Leaf

By Christina Rylan

Brand: Otis & Leaf – website

Type: 8oz luxury candle

Whiskey in the Pines
Vanilla Irish Cream
Fig Bellini



Introduction to my Otis & Leaf Candle Review:

One of my absolute favorite parts of reviewing for Candlefind is trying new candle brands. I adore everything about the exploration and discovery of a new to me candle company, and presentation plays a huge role in that. That includes their website. If a candle company’s website grabs me the moment I enter, I’m likely to stay and purchase their candles. Hands down.

Otis & Leaf grabbed me the second I entered their site. Where to begin? How about I start with another question… have I told you I love simplicity? Yes, I do. Otis & Leaf’s website is simplistic but at the same time elegant and understated. To me, it indicates the detail and care they put into presentation. I love their header and logo. Cool font choice. The banner showing their candles – crisp and detailed. Their pictures sharp and visually appealing. Their philosophy… poetic words worth reading. Yep, so far I am impressed.

Now onto their candles… They don’t have many to choose from – three in fact, which I found fascinating. I’ve never shopped on a website that onlyOtis & Leaf offered 3 fragrances and guess what? I’m going to review all three. Yippee!! The candles I’m reviewing are their smaller 8oz size and came housed in a burlap sack with their Otis & Leaf logo imprinted on the burlap. Very well done. The label on the candles were white and very simple, clean and perfect with their Otis & Leaf logo at the top and the scent name at the bottom. Otherwise, the label was bare.

Each fragrance will have it’s own page for easy reference with links below.

Here we go….

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