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LuDela Perfect Pillar Review

LuDela Pillars


LuDela Perfect Pillar ReviewLuDela Pillars

By Christina Rylan

Brand: LuDela

Type: Remote Control Pillar

Price: $129.00 for starter kit



First impression of my Ludela Pillar Candle: 

Receiving a Ludela remote control pillar was such a nice surprise. I received a message on Facebook from a LuDela rep, I responded thanking her for the info – and before I knew it, I received one of their starter kits out of the blue. I repeat, what a nice and unexpected surprise. The best part, it came with no expectations of a review but I decided to write one anyway.

I must say, this electronic pillar intrigued me. The start kit came in a nice, solid and well packaged box. The starter kit is very giftable with detailed instructions on how to work your candle. The kit comes with one pillar candle, two candle refills, two fragrance rings, and a remote and charging cable. The candle itself feels like wax (I’m pretty sure it is) so it does look realistic when looking at the length of it. The candle however is just a shell with the inside housing the igniter fluid (or whatever that is) along with the electronics that runs the candle. The top of the candle is metal (see pictures above and below) and that’s where you place the scented rings if you wish to add fragrance to your candles. The whole concept is pretty inventive.

LuDela website – very nice and well presented. Easy to navigate with clear pictures and concise descriptions and pricing. Very well done.

Now, onto my candle.

LuDelaI got my candle set up pretty quickly and the instructions to ignite the candle were spot on. Before I knew it, I had a flame going and was oohing and aahing over this unique remote control (real flame) candle. I also want to point out the candle containers that house the fluid last for approximately 20 hours each so if you like your LuDela candle, you’ll have to keep purchasing their refills. Now, about the refills… this is what I found on their website:

Our custom-made single use candle refill is made with recyclable plastic burning the same liquid paraffin used in millions of restaurants, hotels and resorts worldwide. They burn soot-free, mess-free, odor-free and hassle-free.

Interesting. So far, I’m pretty happy… and still intrigued…

Time to add some scent! The scent rings are only available in a few select fragrances and are offered in a two pack. They look pretty cool and are shaped like the sun. Because I wasn’t sure how strong the scent rings were, I decided to keep this candle burning in my small powder room to start out so I could gauge the scent. The LuDela rep sent me a variety of scents so I just grabbed one randomly and placed the ring in the slot where it goes. You can’t miss where to place it in case you’re wondering. I lit my candle with the handy dandy remote, set the timer for 4 hours and shut the door. The flame stays true and consistent, and the scent… a light fruity aroma filled my powder room. The scent ring I chose was, Sweet Fruit Cobbler and although the aroma was light for even a super small room, what I could detect smelled pretty good.



 LuDelaHow did my LuDela candle burn?

This candle burned perfectly and just as advertised. I even tested the candle and tipped it to see if the flame would extinguish. It did!! The only negative is the fluid from the container does spill with it depending how full it is.




Closing to my review: 

Okay, so I’ve used my LuDela pillar for a good week now and I think it’s pretty cool. I recommend this candle for those who want hassle free candle light with an added security feature of a timer and self-extinguishing options. It’s easy to use with detailed instructions and even though the scents aren’t super strong, it’s a fun option to add to the candle when you want a bit of fragrance you can smell right around the candle.

The LudDela starter kit is expensive initially but once you have it, it stays a candle forever… you just need to keep buying the refills. Definitely check out this website for more information. Oh! And something else I want to add… “If” you purchase this candle, make sure you tell your family NOT to tip it over if they pick it up. My nosey husband did just that and spilled the fluid all over his hands and kitchen counter. I was not happy. My teenage son was also fascinated and wanted to keep turning the candle off and on with the remote. I finally had to hide the darn thing. 😊

That be it!! I enjoyed this one. It was definitely different.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

Visit LuDela

Note! LuDela is offering 20% off to Candlefind readers if you’re interesting in purchasing their products. I made a mistake thinking they’re out of the US but they’re not. LuDela is located in Bend, Oregon so shipping should be a breeze. WOO!!

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Owner & Candle Lover in Chief

I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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