It’s that time again… HALLOWEEN! EEEEEEEK!!!! I live in sunny Arizona so it’s a little hard for me to get into the Halloween or Fall scented mood but that doesn’t stop me from window shopping. In fact, I’ve already started my “must have” list of candles I plan on purchasing before October even gets here, and when I’m ready – look out, here I come! There are so dang many I want!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for scenting and decorating so I decided to share some of my window shopping “must haves” with you. Here we go!

Colonial Candles

Graveyard Fog

Halloween has arrived. Give all the little ghosts and goblins a delightful treat with this spooktacular blend of licorice, sweet vanilla and citrus.

Jack o Lantern

Make your Halloween super happy with the aroma of a freshly carved pumpkin, enhanced by warm and inviting spices as well as the yummy sweet goodness of vanilla, pecan brown sugar and maple.

I don’t remember Colonial ever releasing Halloween themed candles so this is pretty exciting and they both look adorable. You can purchase these two scents in candles or melts.

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Bath & Body Works

Vampire Blood

Blood Red Strawberry, Midnight Blooming Jasmine, Dark Transylvanian Plum.

Hot Cocoa & Scream

Deep Dark Chocolate, Fresh Steamed Milk, Mischievous Mini Marshmallows.

I’ve tried Vampire’s Blood (Review here) and loved it but Hot Cocoa & Scream is a new one I can’t wait to try!!

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Goose Creek Candles

Holy batman! There are a lot to choose from at Goose Creek this year. Yikes! I’m in trouble!!

Beautiful Creatures

Sugar Plums, Blackberries, Sweet Grape, Soft Musk, Sweet Amber, Vanilla Sugar.

Strange Things

Haunted Mansion, Spooky Mist, Oakmoss, Mahogany, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Teakwood.

Forbidden Elixir

Cotton Candy Notes, Blue Raspberry,  Silver Plum, Wild Berry, Sour Candy, Sweet Sugar.

Marshmallow Buddies

Fluffy Marshmallow, Warm Sugar, Marshmallow Vanilla Swirl, Sparkling Sugar, Vanilla Bean.

The 4 above isn’t even all of their Halloween candles. Just a handful I decided to showcase. Yes, I’m in trouble because I want them ALL!

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Dark Candles

I have never had the pleasure of trying this brand but I have been very curious about them and they have some pretty cool Halloween scents. I don’t have a lot of pictures to post except for the one above – but the scents… now they sound interesting!


The Madame of the Manor has decided to make her appearance. A sophisticated, feminine, and haunting blend of a time long forgotten with sweet ginger plums amplified by a strong black tea and soft, fragrant marigolds.


It’s a dead ringer! A bit of old rotting wood with a bit of earth underscored with a masculine lavender to give it some “body”.


Deep, mysterious, and masculine – packed with Arabian Spices, Turkish oils, and Indian resins. This is a dark spicy scent reminiscent of the 1930’s Nosferatu.


An old forlorn, crumbling cemetery with strong tones of wet earth blended with a hint of Frankincense and a touch of myrrh.

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Werther & Gray

Last but not least, I found a cool Etsy shop (Werther & Gray) that is Gothic related and fits right in with the Halloween theme. Their candles look way too cool not to showcase! Way, WAY too cool!!

The Black Death

The most devastating loss of human life is memorialized in this dark candle, with a creepy, medieval plague doctor on the label and a somber autumn leaves fragrance.

The Ghost Club

Named after the real life Victorian association of supernatural investigators. Established in 1862, this historic club had among its members Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

Witch Hunt

Witch hysteria spread across Europe and Colonial America in the 16th and 17th centuries, taking the lives of many innocent women and men. This candle pays homage to those outsiders persecuted during some of the darkest days of history.

I can’t wait to try all three. Love the labels! Love the descriptions and love the entire cool Gothic theme.

Visit Werther & Gray

And that my candle loving friends completes my Halloween window shopping adventure for this year. I plan on purchasing quite a few of the ones I listed, especially from Goose Creek and Werther & Gray.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina… the site for candle lovers!

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