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Candle ListsHalloween Candle Shopping Guide

Halloween Candle Shopping Guide

We've rounded up the ultimate list for your Halloween candle shopping this season.

Candlefind Halloween Candle Shopping Guide

It’s that time of year when we get pretty giddy about things that go bump in the night. Halloween has to be one of our favorite times of the year, as there are SO many creative chandlers out there with a ton of great spooky options to light your way. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites in this ultimate Halloween candle shopping guide. Buckle up and get your credit cards ready to go, go, go!

Large Retail Halloween Candles

It’s no surprise that some of the biggest names in the candle industry capitalize on the spirit of Halloween. These companies tend to offer their Halloween candles seasonally, so if you’re interested in a particular scent, we recommend you stock up! We list our faves for mass produced Halloween candles below:

Large Retail Halloween Candles

Bath & Body Works

Candlefind Halloween Candle Shopping Guide B&BW

It’s no surprise that Bath & Body Works goes all in for Halloween, with a number of lighthearted spooky candles for your burning pleasure. The labels are often to die for (sorry…we couldn’t resist), and the scents are out-of-this-world good. Just don’t expect these candles to last too long. The 3-wicks (which are our favorites) have a pretty quick burn time, but they pump out a lot of scent.

Some of our past favorites include Vampire Blood, Ghoul Friend, Haunted Nights, and Wicked Apple. This year they have Pumpkin Carving, Ghoul Friend, and Vampire Blood for starters!

Large Retail Halloween Candles

Colonial Candle

Colonial Candle Halloween Candle
Photo credit: Colonial Candle

Colonial Candle has a Haunted Collection featuring the scents Spooky Woods (a toasted marshmallow scent), Zombie Attack (vetiver, sandalwood, & bergamot), or Grave Dust (black tea with paprika and cedarwood – wonderful!). The labels are very decorative and should fit into any Halloween candlescape you might have going. Aside from the scented options, Colonial Candle is a great place to get orange and black taper or tealight candles to help dress up your Halloween decor.

Large Retail Halloween Candles

Goose Creek Candles

Goose Creek Candles Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Goose Creek Candles

You can always count on Goose Creek to come out with something fun and new. A number of their scents see little daylight, so if you see something you love, we recommend snapping it up. Check out Halloween Party, Happy Halloween, and Trick or Treat for some of the staples. Newer fragrances include Goosebump Cupcake, Marshmallow Monsters, and Howling Winds. Don’t sleep on their Disney Collection of Hocus Pocus candles!

Large Retail Halloween Candles

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Yankee Candle

We’re including Yankee Candle in our Halloween candle shopping guide because you can find these candles just about anywhere, or shop online to your heart’s content. They will definitely bring out Halloween specific candles close to the holiday, but you can always purchase scents such as Enchanted Moon or Crisp Fall Night. These are perfect for Halloween!

Fandom Halloween Candles

If you’re into things like Harry Potter or Twilight, you’ll find some really good Halloween candle options for your home. There are a couple of companies we really love that have plenty of these scents all year ’round, so you can go back for more anytime you want!

Fandom Halloween Candles

Bubble And Geek

Bubble And Geek Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Bubble And Geek

If you’ve got a fandom crush, then you’ve got to shop Bubble And Geek. Search across their collections to find some good Halloween candle options. The Villian and Magic collections are great places to start. Check out Dark Arts (cinnamon and so.much.more), Watcher on the Walls (woodsy and smoky), or Pumpkin Pasties (yum, yum pumpkin pie). There are some usual suspects, too, like Not Your Basic Witch or This Is Halloween. You can literally shop ’til you drop at this soy candle shop.

Fandom Halloween Candles

Storybook Candle Company

Storybook Candle Company
Photo credit: Storybook Candle Company

Storybook Candle Company is another indie soy candle company that makes our Halloween candle shopping guide list. Those that are into fandoms are sure to welcome these beautiful candles, as there are a number of candles that are perfect for Halloween. You can always simplify your search by heading to the Signature Collection, which has Woodland Walk, The Bookshop, and The Lake – all of which would be fitting for Halloween.

Limited Edition Halloween Candles

Some candle companies put out candles that you need to be sitting on ready to grab them up. We consider those limited edition Halloween candles, and they are often worth the hustle. We’ve chosen a couple of our favorite places to snag a great Halloween candle or two.

Limited Edition Halloween Candles

Burke & Hare Co.

Burke & Hare Co. Halloween Candle
Photo credit: Burke & Hare Co.

You have to be quick on the draw if you want one of the coveted soy blend candles from Burke & Hare Co. Shop year ’round for scents that will totally work in your Halloween lineup, as many of the fragrances sell out quickly. The fragrances are custom-blended and the candles are insanely good. Check out Ghost Flower or Death for a solid introduction to this wonderful company.

Limited Edition Halloween Candles

Lunar Light Candle Co.

Lunar Light Candle Co. Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Lunar Light Candle Company

The candles at Lunar Light Candle Company sell out pretty fast, so be quick at the draw if you want to include any of these candles in your Halloween lineup. You can shop here year ’round, as all their soy-blend candles have the dark vibe. The scents are custom blended, so you can find some unique fragrances here, such as Wicked Garden and Ghost Beach. They also have some decorative unscented pillar candles that would work well in anyone’s Halloween candlescape.

Creepy Halloween Candles

If you prefer the darker side to Halloween, there are a ton of creepy candles you can buy. From ouija boards to spine candles, there is just no end in sight.

Creepy Halloween Candles

54 Celsius

54 Celsius Halloween Candles
Photo credit: 54 Celsius

Home to the beloved Pyropet, these candles are perfect for Halloween. The little wax kitty looks so cute until the wax melts and reveals his skeleton. Eeek! There are a few other Pyropets since the inception, but we’re still partial to the black Kisa Cat.

Creepy Halloween Candles

The Blackened Teeth

The Blackened Teeth Halloween Candles
Photo credit: The Blackened Teeth

There are several creepy options at The Blackened Teeth, but we’re partial to the Baby Doll candle. These candles are even scented! This company is located in the UK, but no worry…they do ship to the US.

Creepy Halloween Candles

Country Rich Creations

Country Rich Creations Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Country Rich Creations

Check out the Holiday section for several Fall/Halloween options. They have cutsie candles like the one shaped like a candy corn or the ghost votives. They also carry container candles in scents like Toasted Marshmallow and Pumpkin Roll.

Creepy Halloween Candles

Creepy Candles

Creepy Candles Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Creepy Candles

This Etsy shop has plenty to choose from to up your Halloween decor game. There’s the Bleeding Hand candle that looks like the fingers are dripping blood as they burn. Or the Coffin Candle that reveals a skeleton inside as the wax melts away. They also have a handful of container candles with some delicious scents, if you’d rather go that route.

Creepy Halloween Candles

Grave Digger Candles

Grave Digger Candles Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Grave Digger Candles

Made from beeswax, the detail on these anatomic spine candles is amazing. They are cast from real human vertebra, so it’s no surprise how authentic they look. Buy a few of these to sprinkle around for the best spooky Halloween decor.

Creepy Halloween Candles

Witchy Wicks

Witchy Wicks Halloween Candle
Photo credit: Witchy Wicks

This soy candle company has several items that would work well for Halloween. No surprise given the name! The Halloween candle is amazing and it looks like the wax is bleeding when you burn it – incredible! Aside from that one, check out the current catalog as they always seem to have a rotation of scent options available.

Creepy Halloween Candles

WixCraft Candle Company

WixCraft Candle Company Halloween Candles
Photo credit: WixCraft Candle Company

Straight from Australia, these decorative candles are the perfect pieces to add if you like a spooky type of Halloween vibe. Our favorite? The conjoined skull candle…how cool is that??? You’ll also find anatomical heart candles and coffin shaped candles to round out your shopping cart. They do ship internationally, so no worries there!

Label Love Halloween Candles

We’ll admit it. Sometimes we buy candles just because of the label. These companies have beautiful labels on their Halloween candles, so we can’t help but to snap them up.

Label Love Halloween Candles

DIO Candle Company

DIO Candle Company Halloween Candles
Photo credit: DIO Candle Company

Another company you can always count on to have fun, seasonal collections is DIO Candle Company. They don’t disappoint with their Halloween lineup, which is super fun to shop. Check out Pumpkin Queen, Monster Mash, and Ghost Stories for starters. The labels are super cute and you can shop this collection all year long. None of the scents here overwhelm, so they would work well for a scent-sensitive Halloween gathering.

Label Love Halloween Candles

Greywick Lane

Photo credit: Greywick Lane

Greywick Lane is an indie candle company on Etsy that declares that every day is Halloween. The candles are 100% soy and come in a wide array of fragrances, such as Overlook (bourbon & butterscotch – omgeee) and Amity Escape (coconut with salty sea air & sunscreen). It’s the labels for us – they go all in on the entire spooky vibe, and we love it! Don’t stop at the candles, as they also have room sprays, wax melts, and bath/body products. Boo yeah!

Label Love Halloween Candles

Kitsch Candle

Kitsch Candle Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Kitsch Candle

This one is all about the labels for us. Each candle sports a gorgeous vintage label, and the ones in the Halloween collection are eerily good. Here you’d shop for the label you want and then select your scent, such as Falling Leaves, Witches Brew, or Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Label Love Halloween Candles

Underworld Connection Candles

Underworld Connection Candles Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Underworld Connection Candles

For super unique fragrances, check out the candles from Underworld Connection. They have “alternative scented candles” here, so you know you’re in for a unique treat. They have a specific Halloween collection, but any of their candles should fit the Halloween candle bill. The labels are amazing and help set the overall tone. Try Melted Mushroom if you like foodie type fragrances, or Crimson Tears for a cinnamon jolt. The Halloween Collection features candles such as Raise the Dead and Zombie Bite. They do have samplers available, if you’d like to test out a few fragrances before going all in.

Label Love Halloween Candles

Werther & Gray

Werther & Gray Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Werther & Gray

Werther & Gray are one of the best indie places to find Halloween candles. The obvious picks are going to come from their Halloween Collection, with candles such as Witch (pumpkin bread), Devil (cinnamon clove), Black Cat (wormwood & vanilla), and Gourds (brown sugar & fig). Be sure to check out their other collections, as this candle company has that overall dark vibe. They do have collections that change, so stock up on your faves when you find them. With so many choices, it will be hard to pick just one!

Skull Candles

What Halloween decor is complete without a skull candle or two? It seems a lot of companies are making these candles these days, but we’ve rounded up some of the best, with incredible detail and super spooky vibes.

Skull Halloween Candles

Badass Candles

Badass Candles Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Badass Candles

If you’re looking for a skull candle that you can repurpose, the skull candle vessels are the best. The glass skull vessels are beautifully decorated and filled with scented wax. The eyes glow while burning, making for a super spooky look.

Skull Halloween Candles

Ember Candle Company

Ember Candle Company Halloween Skull Candles
Photo credit: Ember Candle Company

Need a skull candle in your life? Then you need Ember Candle Company. Our Halloween candle hunt has gone across the waters to the good ol’ UK because these skull candles are so much fun! The variety of colors will ensure that you can get something to match your very own themed decor. They do have candles and wax melts, so you can totally go flameless if you want. Ember Candle Company does ship worldwide.

Skull Halloween Candles

Evangeline Linens

Evangeline Linens Skull Candle
Photo credit: Evangeline Linens

Yeah, we’re taking you to a luxury linen shop to show you something super unique. Not just a skull candle…but a deer skull candle! This candle is so realistic and cool, it is sure to be the showpiece of your Halloween get-together. It’s unscented, but it’s still a show stopper, for sure.

Halloween Wax Melts

If candles aren’t your thing, don’t despair! There are plenty of wax melts that have a great Halloween vibe. We love heading to Etsy for things like this, as the creativity with the shapes and scents always amazes us. Here we list some of our favorites:

Halloween Wax Melts

Rebel Potions

Rebel Potions Halloween Wax Melt
Photo Credit: Rebel Potions

The skull wax melts from Rebel Potions are soooo incredibly detailed and super scented, too. The packages come in an array of colors, so there’s something sure to fit your Halloween decor, no matter what your color scheme. They also have clamshell wax melts if you’d rather go that route.

Halloween Wax Melts

Scented Spells

Scented Spells Halloween Wax Melts
Photo Credit: Scented Spells

The soy wax melts and candles are categorized here by type of scent, so it’s easy to find your favorite type of flavor. The tops are decorated with a little bit of bling, making them extra special. Although there’s plenty to choose from here, be sure to check out Amortentia and Book of Shadows. Fabulous!

Halloween Wax Melts

Westbury Candle Company

Westbury Candle Company
Photo Credit: Westbury Candle Company

This candle company has both clamshell wax melts and “scent shot” style melts, with plenty of options for Halloween. You’ll have to search through the selections, but we found scents just as Other Mother (black cherry merlot) and Salem (cinnamon caramel apple). The wax melts are all decorated with a little bling for some extra oomph.

Even More Halloween Candles

Not enough shopping options? Here are some more of our favorite places for Halloween candles, to help you broaden your search:

More Halloween Candles

Old Soul Artisan

Old Soul Artisan Halloween Candles
Photo Credit: Old Soul Artisan

The motto of Old Soul Artisan is “Illuminate Your Darkness,” so it’s no wonder they made our ultimate Halloween candle shopping guide. Where to start? Their Dark Lit Collection includes scents like Enchanted Rose, which combines rose with bergamot notes in a unique way, and Book of Spells, for that ‘old book’ smell. The Scent Vault has Sleepy Hollow, which is a delectable pumpkin pie filling type of scent. You really can’t go wrong with any of the soy candles here. They also gift you for shopping with them by awarding Darkness Rewards – yay!

More Halloween Candles

Vespertine Studio Shop

Vespertine Studio Shop Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Vespertine Studio Shop

For spooky good scents all year long, visit this Florida candle company to see what they have to offer. The labels are beautifully understated and the scents? Oh my! Sleepy Hollow is a smoky pumpkin spice treat while Talisman is red currant with a kick. There’s plenty to choose from here.

More Halloween Candles

Wax On Fire

Wax On Fire Halloween Candles
Photo credit: Wax On Fire

The clean-burning soy candles from Wax On Fire are good if you don’t want your candle design to steal the show of your Halloween decor. They keep it simple (but cute!) and the scents are really, really good. They put out seasonal options just in time for the occasion, and have often featured scents such as Haunted House, Halloween Movies & Chill, Pumpkin Patch, and You’re My Boo.

That’s our roundup for this ultimate Halloween candle shopping guide. It should keep you busy enough and you have absolutely no excuse for not upping your Halloween candlescape this season. Did we miss your favorite shop? Chime in and let us know!

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