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American Heirloom Candles – Goose Creek Candle Review

by Julia WootenGoose Creek American Heirloom Candle review

Brand: Goose Creek Candle Co.

Type: American Heirloom collection of jar candles

Dark Vanilla Bean
Clean Linen

Cost: $18 -$22, $46

Scent Strength: Varied



Introduction to my review:

Have you ever wanted to take a chance, but at the same time not jump too far out of your comfort zone? Well, that’s how I was feeling about candle shopping lately. I was itching to try Goose Creek American Heirloom Candle reviewsomething new…something besides the standard apothecary style jar candle. Yet, having had hit or miss luck lately, I didn’t want to take a huge risk on a totally new-to-me company.

Enter Goose Creek Candle Co. The answer to my current dilemma. Here was a company that I had great products from in the past, that had just launched a new collection of jar candles that looked oh so promising. The Heirloom collection candles are in a completely new jar style…a modern canister beveled glass style that I could see reusing in my kitchen. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to try something new from a company that I trusted.

Goose Creek Candle Co. offers a wide array of scented products, from pillars and jar candles to melts, room sprays and auto cards. Their website is easy to navigate and is packed with tempting photos and product information. Having said all that, I knew what I was there for. I made a bee line for the Heirloom collection.



Goose Creek American Heirloom Candle reviewWhat do my candles look like?

In January of 2012, Goose Creek unveiled their newest line of candles…the American Heirloom collection. The exclusive jar style has a clear, beveled glass look that reflects the candle flame all around the jar. The scents I sampled both had creamy white wax. The jars had snug fitting, silver brushed metal lids with an embossed Goose Creek tree logo. The canisters were striking and unique. I tried Clean Linen in a double wicked 16oz size. The Dark Vanilla Bean was the largest 4 wick candle. It was a hefty 39oz jar canister with an approximate burn time of 215 hours. I enjoyed burning this big boy for days on end.



How did my candles smell?

Dark Vanilla Bean

Goose Creek Candle Co. went back to basics with this scent. They describe it as:Goose Creek American Heirloom Candle review

“Classic rich French vanilla cream. A bit of toasted coconut & caramel butter brings warmth & longevity.”

Back to basics, sure, but not too basic. This is a classic vanilla with a bit of a modern twist. Vanilla is like a fragrance chameleon. It can run the gambit from sexy or sophisticated to fresh baked to uber sweet candy scents. Vanilla is so versatile, blending easily with other fragrances, that it is sometimes overlooked in its classic form. For this reason, I really appreciated Dark Vanilla Bean for being a simple, true vanilla scent. The toasted coconut and caramel butter notes were barely noticeable to me. I didn’t sniff them specifically when I put my nose to the jar. What I smelled was a mildly sweet, baked vanilla that was right at home in either my kitchen or living room setting. This is the type of classic vanilla that pleases many noses. It wasn’t super strong, but it was subtly noticeable even in my largest area. Bravo!



Clean Linen

Goose Creek American Heirloom Candle reviewHere is the scent description from Goose Creek Candle Co.

“This nostalgic aroma of clean linen flowing in a summer breeze begins with a top note of fruity peach and green apple. The heart is fresh with ozone notes, violet and lilacs. The dry down is a long lasting fresh floral bouquet.”

Clean Linen is a good, strong sniff of lilacs and violets with a fresh ozone kicker. Having a fresh breezy linen type of scent is perfect for this family. Even though I have no intention of hanging clothes out on a line, I still appreciate the scent of sweet summer breezes and clean laundry. Set it off with a showy burst of lilacs and this becomes a real summertime treat. I liked this scent and found it to be a good thrower too.



candle flameHow did my candles burn?

My candles burned beautifully. Each jar developed a nice deep scent pool that left the sides of the jars clean and clear. The flames stayed strong but not smoky. I dutifully trimmed the wicks between burns. No other maintenance was required. The scent pool wax darkened when melted but lightened up again when cooled.

The best part of burning these Heirloom style jar candles was the way that the flames danced around the beveled glass jar. It made a kaleidoscope of light in the jars… really pretty.



Closing to my review…

Each candle I’ve tried from Goose Creek Candles has burned well with proper wicking and interesting scents. The website is bright and exciting. Their flat rate shipping and fast turn-aroundClosing to my review time are a bonus too. However, what keeps me coming back is Goose Creek Candle Co.’s wide selection of scents and jar styles. They had just what I was looking for, a new and exciting jar style with the confidence of shopping with a tried and true candle company. From start to finish, Goose Creek Candles delivered a top notch candle shopping experience.

Happy candle burning!

~ Julia

Visit Goose Creek Candle Co.

Presentation: 4/5
Authenticity: 5/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Goose Creeks American Heirloom Candles? Review it with us. In the comment section below, review and star rate your experience… it’s easy!

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