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  1. Just got an email from Crossroads Candles today. They are having a February special. Their 26oz jar candles are 2 for $30 now through February 8th. Use discount code FANLOVE at the checkout. www.crossroadscandles.com I'm burning B&BW - Cinnamon Frosting
  2. Hi Everyone, Good to hear that those of you who haven't been feeling well are on the mend. MaggieMae - Good news about Daisy! Burning Crossroads - French Toast (comfy cozy scent)
  3. Good Morning! Sweet - I haven't sniffed/burned B&BW's new Vanilla Bean Marshmallow candle, but it sounds delightful. I'm burning Pecan Pie from Park Hill...sooo good! Good Day All!
  4. Good Morning! Biolaeagles - My youngest son was not talking at age 3. He was tested through San Bernardino County and they determined that he needed pre-school intervention with a speech therapist. After six months at the school he was talking. Once he started elementary school he attended speech class twice a week. He is in college now and involved in many activities on campus that require good communication skills. Every now and then he brings up the preschool and has fond memories of it. Today's melt is Vanilla Cookie Crunch from BH&G
  5. Good Afternoon! I'm melting Vanilla Bean Buttercream from Scentsy Wishing all a great day!
  6. Hi All! Sweet - I received my Crossroads candles last week. They are Santa's Cookie Crumble, Grandma's Kitchen, and French Toast. I like all three, but in my home they do not throw as well as some of their other scents. Brown Sugar Frosting, Buttered Maple Syrup, Sugar Cookie, and Vanilla Hazelnut do really well in my home. Regarding the artwork - I thought there was a decent amount of artwork being offered when I went onto their website today. I did notice it seemed to depend on the scent you are ordering. Biolaeagles & Katz - Wonderful baby news! Congrats! Today burning Warm Sugar Cookie from Tyler Candles - a favorite!
  7. Aria - Love your Crossroads candle. I have three Crossroads candles on their way to me. Can't wait for them to arrive. I keep checking the front door, but nothing yet. Today I'm burning Cinnamon Caramel Swirl from B&BW. This is one of those scents that lingers in your house for days.
  8. Hello Everyone... I'm burning Chestnut & Clove from B&BW Putting away Christmas decorations but leaving out winter décor. Wishing everyone a cozy winter day!
  9. Good Morning! I've been going, going, going for the past couple of weeks and baking up a storm. Haven't been melting or burning much. I should be getting back into the swing of things now. Burning Milk & Cookies for Santa by Park Hill I picked up a couple of Park Hill candles yesterday at 60% off from a cute shop in charming downtown Temecula, CA. It's an hour drive from where we live, but we always have a fabulous time there shopping and eating. Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year!
  10. Hi! melting Baked Apple Strudel by BH&G Wishing you all a good day!
  11. Good Evening! Susan - What great news! Melting a favorite of mine - Spiced Sugar Cookies (ScentSationals)
  12. Good Morning! Aria - Gas fireplace! Awesome! You will love it. Speaking of retail - I met some really nice ladies while working at Chico's yesterday. It was one of those days when everyone coming into the store really wanted to shop and had smiles on their faces. I'm burning Chestnut & Clove from B&BW Have a great day!
  13. Hi - Aria - sorry to hear about your increase in hours, hang in there biolaeagles - you brave soul, glad the boys are on the mend, hoping you stay healthy MaggieMae - great thread title burning Almond Butter Pound Cake - from Keepers of the Light Good Day to you all!
  14. Getting much needed rain today. The dark skies create a comfy cozy feel inside which we do not get too often here. I am not working today and feel so blessed to be able to enjoy this day at home. cookielady - prayers going your way biolaeagles - glad you're getting rain too melting - Vanilla Cookie Crunch from BH&G
  15. Good Morning! Burning Brown Sugar Frosting from Crossroads Candles - a favorite of mine Finishing my indoor Christmas decorating today and hope to start reading "Finding Noel" by Richard Paul Evans
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