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  1. :sSig_rofl: I hope your practicing went well!!!! [smilie=th_e13]

    Sadly...Spotted Hog is closed right now. I “think” I have some of her wax in my fall box...just not sure what. As for Apple scents....I love them! But I’m the opposite of you and like the Macintosh and other red variety the best.🍎

    As for a favorite instrument to listen to...that’s tough. I enjoy drum solos, guitar solos and many others...but I could listen to the piano and violin playing solo for hours. (Could have something to do with my DDs play those exact instruments) [smilie=th_FULL_O17]

  2. Hello All.

    Michele...isn't it wonderful when old wax still throws great? :sFun_mango:

    Sharon...are you feeling ok? I hope its just the change in the weather and you're not getting sick. [smilie=yes] 

    Amy...I hope your drive home was nice and uneventful. Welcome back! Yes...I was very careful with the painting...no ladders....just long extension poles this time around. It's not the best job but it's done and it looks....ok. [smilie=th_cha66] Well....it looks "good enough". Lol You went to see Santana too? Holy moly....lucky night! I love Santana! 
    I've been melting Vanilla Sandalwood by Rockets.

    Time to change the wax...Empire Alchemy in Wanderlust...💕❤️💕 Fresh Mint, Cotton Candy, Mint Mojito and Coconut. ❤️



  3. Good Afternoon.

    Yes, Michele...I can only fit half of my wax in my wax cabinet in the family room so I've decided to keep the summer/spring wax separate from the fall/winter wax. I change them out when the season changes...and keep the wax I'm not using in tubs in the closet. My goal is to be able to fit ALL of my wax in the cabinet at once! That would be amazing but unlikely unless I stop buying wax for 1,245 years. [smilie=th_yellow5]

    Its SGA Funnel Cake Cookie Monster Strawberry White Cake

    and upstairs it's Swanky  Lavender Paris

  4. 🎼I'd love that! [smilie=th_stophierDancedancer04🎫 <---but we must dance like this! 

    I "think" my favorite pumpkin scent is Spotted Hog's "Perfect Pumpkin Pie". I'm a little weird with pumpkin scents...sometimes they have this musty background note that turns me off....nobody else notices it except me but if I smell it....ugh. I enjoy a nice spicy pumpkin too. I have been on a search for a pumpkin scent that I smelled many years ago in a candle from Northern Lights...it was called Spiced Pumpkin but it wasn't  spicy and smelled like pumpkin donuts, wood floors, apple peels and pie crusts. Just like walking into an apple orchard bake shop. I fell in love with it but of course they stopped making it. I've tried to blend it myself but it is elusive. One day I will capture it....[smilie=th_12E9EC16]
    The person below me enjoys apple scents in the fall...and if so...what is your favorite?

  5. Good Morning all...been busy with more house chores. Painting the hallways from downstairs to upstairs...it was a comedy show trying to paint above the stairs...lol. Couldn't find the roller extension so I built myself one....which, as you can guess, fell apart while the roller was filled to capacity... :sEm_oops2: Thank goodness my DD was there to grab it before it came crashing onto the carpet. Finally found the extension but now the question is....how do I get the ceiling line? Day three and I'm hoping to figure that out. Think I'm done painting after this. [smilie=th_a136]

    Amy...you saw Jeff Beck? That must have been awesome! I'd love driving to those solos any day! I'm figuring you are on the road again...I hope you have a lovely drive.

    Michele...that's a beautiful way to put it...taking your memories with you. [smilie=th_LOVE] Your scents sound wonderful...glad you enjoyed them.

    The mornings have been so chilly here but by afternoon it's still short sleeve weather...so I'll try to wait a bit longer to switch out my scents for cooler weather ones. Found some lovely earthy ones in my summer stash that's perfect for now...

    L3 He Who Shall Not Be Named- Lord of Misrule & Pomegranate Noi ...I could get a loaf of this....I love LOM and I love Pom....so the combo is amazing. 

    Have a good one. I hope all of our friends are safe and well.

  6. Good Friday Morning!

    Amy...great idea to bring the guitar and keyboard with you when you travel! I'm sure that helps with any stress that might pop up. Safe travels to you today!

    Sharon...congrats on your haircut! I know that feels sooooo good! I can't wait to get mine properly styled by my hairdresser since my own cutting is pretty bad...however, I'm still trying to wait a bit longer.

    Michele...make sure you take lots of pictures and good luck at the closing. I hope you had a nice lunch with your friends.

    Today I'm rewarming what I had on last night...it's CFOW Washing Day in Paris -  BBW Sweet On Paris (blackberry, lemon, vanilla), clean cotton and blackberry.  This is so lovely and super strong....I could have used one chunk in the entire house. [smilie=th_1_bigone110]
    Have a nice one.


  7. Good Morning! [smilie=th_oregonian_mornincoffe 

    Amy... Can't believe you travel 8 hours...you are a trooper! Even when the scenery is lovely....it must be draining. I hope you can look forward to your work load lightening up at some point...as for your minivan....[smilie=th_slider_brent]The Lusitania?? [smilie=th_Skratta_Bankabordet] Toooooo funny!! I used to drive a minivan....OH.....I hated that thing but with four kids...I had no choice in the matter.  At least you are a bit safer inside there...anchors aweigh for sure!! [smilie=th_aa17] 
    Today has started off chilly and wet as these September days do around here so I decided to pull from the fall box...and I'm glad I did because it's delectable...

    Empanada by Bohemienne Life....Pumpkin, Cream cheese, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. 💕

    Have a nice day all and stay safe. 


  8. Hello All...

    Yes Michele, summer is dwindling away. We closed the pool today and packed up the bottom deck. Sad. I'll wait to pack the top deck until sometime in October unless it calls for snow before then...doubtful. Although one year it snowed right before Halloween and collapsed my original gazebos. [smilie=th_ANGRY_10]I'll have to keep an eye out. It's nice to sit outside even when it's chilly.

    Thinking of you all....hope you are safe.

    Its Sassy Wax Melts in Earthen Ninja- bamboo, oranges and patchouli. I'm not usually a big bamboo person but this combo is lovely.

  9. Good Morning All...I hope anyone is the line of those terrible fires are ok. It's frightening to see. So much devastation and sadness in the world right now. 😥

    I am melting my new "favorite vendor" Empire Alchemy in 5 Star Hotel - Basil Sage Mint, Lemon Verbena, Lavender Sprigs and Winter Linen. This could also be a nice cooler weather scent but the lemon is prominent so I decided to go for it. Lovely. I think I could order for this vendor every single week. Her blends are flawless.

    Have a good one and stay safe everyone. 

  10. Good Morning! Woke up to news of a minor earthquake in my area...lol. Didn't wake or feel a thing [smilie=th_slider_bigsleep] although my DH said the entire house rumbled and there was a giant "POP" and he jumped out of bed and said..."what was that?" And he said I replied...."musta been a plane." [smilie=th_scratch]No recollection.

    Michele...I'm sorry you are feeling sad...although I can imagine how you're feeling. My Dad is currently living in the house I was born in too...I imagine the day I will be packing it up would be very difficult. [smilie=th_bighug-1] 

    Still melting the scents from yesterday...they are gorgeous. Added another RG gift of Palo Santo. Thanks pal!

    Have a good one.

  11. Good Evening All!

    Sharon...[smilie=th_23_32_7]Embrace those greys! I'm sure you look [smilie=th_fabulous1]! Any good wax hauls you can recommend? I used to watch them constantly but most of the folks I used to love watching don't do them any more and some of the newer people are kinda annoying. [smilie=th_fear8]

    I decided on some coffee scents this morning...a lovely change of pace and I'm rewarming them this evening.

    Dr. Finkelstein by She Loves Cake - sugar cookies and pumpkin caramel latte

    Mrs. Claus Coffee Bean Noel Boo Berry by Haleys Heavenly Scents...[smilie=th_cry2yw3]...missing that dear woman. 
    Have a nice evening.

  12. No Fall scents for me yet. There will be a day of switching out the wax cabinet before that happens and I'm trying to put that off as long as possible. I'd like to use up as much spring/summer as I can. Strangely enough, there doesn't seem to be a dent. [smilie=th_cha40]
    I've just talked about starting to walk at night again but it's been hectic here lately...plus Cannoli can't take walks until she has all of her shots. Btw, she's now a whopping 3.2 pounds! Up from 2.5 when we brought her home. 

    The person below me has a favorite winged creature.

  13. Good Morning all...I hope all of our friends are safe and well.

    Amy...glad to read your posts...missing them. [smilie=yes]Sorry to hear about a new house expense ...there are so many termites in my area...probably because of the woods. We've needed to treat both of the houses we've owned here. And...Good for you with the blending!!! [smilie=th_shewiggle]Did you find something you'd like to custom? 
    Michele...nice with the 24 hour wax life!! [smilie=th_dancing_smile] I love when that happens!

    Well...it's been a very busy weekend so far. We ripped up the laundry room floor on Friday and laid the membrane. Yesterday I painted the room and laid the tile that the DH cut. I think we will have to wait until tomorrow to grout and then install the washer and dryer that's currently in my DD bedroom. Can't wait to finally get my laundry room back with a washer that doesn't overflow!! Thank goodness this little puppy is so good....she took a nap while I was tiling. I must admit...I am too old for this...we've got other rooms to do but my body can't take it. Cheapskate DH doesn't want to pay for labor, but I'm the one laboring too hard. Lol.
    I also cut my hair off....lol. It was dry and had too many split ends. Now I have a helmet. :sFun_crazypilot:It's all good.

    Yesterday and today it's the last if my own blend from OPT called Flower Child - Patchouli, lavender and Winter (Orange, lemon, allspice, clove, pine, cinnamon and moss).💕

    Have a good day. 



  14. Morning All.

    I started the morning with an oldie from March of 2016!!!!! It was Avas "3 Ring Circus"....that wax was soooooo strong that I got a massive headache and needed to turn the melters off. Crazy. It's a very sweet blend which didn't help but I am amazed. The only other wax that has stood the test of time for me is CFTKR[smilie=th_happy096]

    So now it's VRC Olive Lavender Shaving Cream...this wax is gorgeous....pale green with chunks of pale blue and lavender. 💕 Smells lovely and clean.

    Have a great day. 😊

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