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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Sounds like you've got some nice fragrances going Michele!

    HAPPY 4TH OF JULY FOLKS! I hope everyone has had a nice relaxing weekend. I hear ya about the noise of the fireworks...my poor Daisy would hide under the bed shaking like a leaf. They've always been illegal in my state and they recently lifted the ban on certain types but I can't believe the level of "boom" generated this year! [smilie=grrr] It was the loudest sound I've ever heard and they weren't professionals. [smilie=help] Poor little fur babies.

    Its been Midnight Fairie Lights by TBG...lovely.

    I hope everyone is well and safe. Haven't seen you in a long while Honeybear! 

  2. Good Morning Everyone!

    I've got loads of candles going today...

    In Kitchen it's Buttered  Maple Syrup by Crossroads..haven't melted this in a while

    In Family Room it's Lemon Cake Batter by Goosecreek

    In Living Room it's Paris Noir by Goosecreek

    In Dining Room it's Lavender Vanilla by Yankee

    Outside on Deck it's Storm Front by Goosecreek

    Have a nice day...it's a scorcher today.


  3. Great thread title Michele! 💕 And from what I hear...it's supposed to be sizzling in our neck of the woods for July! [smilie=th_WE1summer013]
    It's been Lovely from a sweet CF pal mixed with SSA in my bedroom. She's a magician with wax! Thank you!

    Downstairs it's been the same thing for days....can't even remember what. LOL

    Now it's SGA Strawberry Raspberry Guava Beach Nights and Zeep Welcome to Stepford. I haven't melted Zeep in a long time...cold sniff is delicious.

    Take care all...hope all are well. 

  4. Sadly...no. I was walking all the time with my kids when this whole quarantine started but my back started hurting (disc issues) and lazy lumps took over. I think it's time to get moving again. 🚶🏽‍♀️

    The person below me likes a particular type of bread.

  5. Hello and Good Morning!

    Thanks Amy and Michele....we have a new addition to our family! 💕 [smilie=th_huganimal]💕The hard part will be waiting until she can come home!💕 We are soooo excited!

    Its been Dragon Queen from Ramble On Wax...I miss this company sooooo much! (Satsuma, ocean breeze and pink sugar). Nice and strong and over two years old. 
    Upstairs it's my fourth day with Griffith by Empire Alchemy...it's a dupe of Scentsy Oxford....one of my favorites.
    Take care. 🙂

  6. Hello All!

    Amy...yay for being home! :sFun_mango: That TBS scent sounds interesting...I do agree that it drives me crazy when you get a sample and there's none to buy! [smilie=th_gif] It happens to me all the time!

    Nice scents Michele!

    Today it's...

    Jersey Shore by TBS from a sweet Cf pal....this is sweet and delicious! 💕 Thank you!!

    We are in the process of looking for a puppy...it's so much harder than it used to be. My DH is allergic so we used to have a Yorkie but I won't buy from a pet store now that I know most come from puppy mills. ☹️ We found a lovely family who's pup just gave birth two days ago but we are number 5 on the list! I hope we make it!!![smilie=th_smilies-2]

  7. Good Morning!

    It turns out that yesterday's scent was tangerine...not cantaloupe. [smilie=th_confused3]  Whelp...today it's a freebie from GWW in a small mystery loaf that smells amazing. I think it's Buttercream and Fresh Cut Grass. [smilie=cloud_9]

    Michele...enjoy the beach! [smilie=th_WE1summer013]

    I'm happy to report that I ended up getting all of my newest loot to fit into my wax cabinet![smilie=th_thank_you] I couldn't stand looking at the flat rate box sitting in my LR...glad it's gone. I've got one more delivery expected so I guess I better get melting to make more room. [smilie=th_snoopy]

    Have a good one.

  8. [smilie=The_Hi]Glad to see you posting Amy and glad hubby is doing better all around! However, I too, know the "cinnamon roll  self-prescription"....it feels good at the moment but the results aren't so good...weather you have BS issues or not. Glad he's off that train. [smilie=th_blij81] 

    Sharon...[smilie=th_friends]Sometimes I feel like that too.

    I'm just reheating the warmers tonight waiting for the crab cakes to set in the fridge. Thankfully, the sun has decided to peek out for the evening. 
    Have a nice evening all.

  9. Hello All!

    Sharon...no melting? I hope everything is ok. [smilie=th_sml29]

    Michele...lol...what were we all thinking?? [smilie=th_pardon]I'm sure most of us would say we've got too many as well! It is funny how our tastes change...I used to hate floral scents...now I love them. Honestly...now there's not too much that I dislike...lol.

    Where's the sun? 🌞  So much rain today and the forecast was for a sunny day. 
    Today it's....SGA 13 Going on 30....I think this is a cantaloupe scent. ❤️
    Take care all. ☮️

  10. Oh, I don't like any of those "contraptions"! The DH has all of them and I think he thinks he a professional landscaper. I used to have to use the ride-on lawn mower as a young girl...but thankfully, those days are gone. Nope.

    The person below me like making ice cubes with pieces of fruit inside them for their water.

  11. True and beautiful words Valerie! 💕

    Good Afternoon all and hope everyone is well.  I have been melting TSGS Pina Colada+ Mango Sorbet + Honeydew Melon...wonderful and strong. Upstairs it was VRS Beach Bonfire...wonderful And now it's Mojave by Empire Alchemy. I can smell them outside. [smilie=th_smilies-2]

    Amy...sorry to hear about Steve's BS issues...hope he starts feeling better very soon and it evens out. I do hope those melts help to calm him.  How was your creamsicle scent?

    Michele...big hugs to you....it's so sweet that your brought your dad coffee and donuts! I'm sure he looked forward to that! 💕 I hope you like that Southside Serpent...I think it's amazing! 

    Take care all. ❤️

  12. Oh, you are soooo right in that! My twins are musicians and do wonderfully in Math! I always thought they were opposite ends of the spectrum. As for me...I was the kid who drew cartoons of things that happened during our days in and out of school...mostly animated stick figures...lol. I still do it after I travel with my girlfriends or sister. It helps you remember the funny times and I just love drawing those pictures! 

    The answer to your question is a definite NO! :sFun_ahohno: I truly HATE water slides since I banged my head going down one as a child and almost passed out in the water at the bottom. Of course in the 70's....safety wasn't a #1 priority. The tube itself was cement and the "lifeguard" was probably 14 and not paying attention. Plus...I am terrified of heights. Lol

    The person below me flys first class.

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